Product description:

Wuxi Baida Steel Trade Co., sales agents various types of imported steel rail: Standard and models are as follows: (DIN536) A45-A55-A65-A75-A100-A120-A150; (ASTM) CR104-CR105-CR135-CR171-CR175; MRS51 -MRS52-MRS67-MRS73-MRS85-MRS86-MRS87A-MRS87B-MRS125-MRS192-MRS211; ASCE12-ASCE18-ASCE20-ASCE25-ASCE30-ASCE40-ASCE60-ASCE80-ASCE85; ARAA90-AREA100-AREA115-AREA132-AREA136-AREA141 ; (DIN5901) S7-S10-S14-S18-S20-S24-S30-S33-S41-S49-S54; (EN14811) 59R1-2; 60R1-2; 62R1-2; Ph37a-Ph37] rail fastening systems by supporting . VALEX series rail clips virtue of superior product quality, improve the service by strict number of internationally well-known design of metallurgical equipment production units designated as the preferred brand; it is all kinds of material handling equipment rail fastening systems product design, production and sales and technical services professional technology company; track flexible mounting system provides a good solution to the problem of the crane track damage traditional rigid rail fastening system caused extend the life of the rail system of relying on foreign advanced technology for the customer's installation and construction crane rail. design, repair, alteration, provide comprehensive technical support. We always follow the "professional cast brand, the quality of survival, innovation and development, integrity extension to the market, to serve the value 'business philosophy sincerely look forward to with friends There are more opportunities to communicate, develop and carry out cooperation projects.
• rail clips are divided into:
- Adjustable bolt plate: with self-locking function for each installation of a large section of the rail clamp plate consists of a plate (with vulcanized rubber nose) by vulcanization of rubber nose effect a downward force fixed rail, one or two special. washer composition, pressure plate bolts or studs can be welded with the supporting surface of the fixed all the parts are made of high strength malleable material, side plate can be adjusted.;
- Welding adjustable plate: with self-locking function for heavy rail mounting clip each platen consists of a plate (with vulcanized rubber nose) by vulcanization of rubber nose effect a downward force fixed rail, a base plate, one or two. bolt, one or two special locknuts and other components, welded to the base plate by the steel support surface fixed rail, plate sideways adjustment;

The above model also applies to domestic rail 38Kg, 43Kg, 50Kg, QU70, QU80, QU100, QU120, please consult the Company.

• Supply track adhesive pads, accessories: Continuous pads wear-resistant, anti-cut, anti-extrusion, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet radiation and oil-resistant synthetic rubber allows longitudinal uniform role. Positive pressure on the concrete foundation and steel girder rail compensate irregularities between contact surfaces are cloth wheel pressure can be eliminated locally concentrated load and stress caused by the fatigue generated; centering of the wheel in order to reduce pressure on the curved rail stress; the elimination of wear on the rails and steel beam between the bearing seat; the elimination of centralized power support seat edge of the concrete foundation to protect against damage reduction concave bottom rail, make up the top surface and the angle error rail wheel pressure load between the lines. ; reduce noise cranes, reduce the impact of the building, reducing wear steel beam; prolonging the life of the rail system in a groove on the surface of the pad, to ensure that the rail is always in close contact with the bottom surface of the pad, reducing the cushion wear. pads intermediate inlaid strengthen lateral stiffness of the steel pads, steel thickness is very thin and easily rolled up for transport, steel and pad width is proportional to the width. 8 pads are supplied as standard length -12 m / roll, pad thickness 7mm (+0.5) temperature range:. -25 ℃ ~ 100 ℃.

• provide rail engineering installation and construction, thermite welding; steel plate, anchor bolts, rail special clay and other ancillary products to manufacture non-standard track accessories (rail clips / pressure rail / track fastener), according to customer needs. Dimensions of the rail CNC cutting, milling drilling, or V-shaped 45-degree miter cuts simmer rail round processing, in strict accordance with the quality system standard process to ensure the machined surface roughness, production and processing to meet customer demand for our customers improve Efficiency careful to provide accurate service.

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