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2LBST40UUCLFM+400LF Original THK ball spline

2LBST40UUCLFM+400LF Original THK ball spline
  • 2LBST40UUCLFM+400LF Original THK ball spline
Product code: 23632700001
Unit price: 1000 USD
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Quick Details

  • Type: Linear, Ball spline
  • Brand Name: THK
  • Precision Rating: High
  • Model Number: 2LBST40UUCLFM+400LF
  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Model No: LBST40
  • Outer diameter: 60mm
  • Length: 100mm
  • UU: Rubber seals attached on both ends of the spline nut
  • CL: symbol for clearance in the rotational direction
  • 400L: Overall spline shaft leangth

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: THK original package
Delivery Detail: 30-35 days


LBST40UUCLFM+400LF Original THK ball spline
2. High Torque Model LBS
3. full ball&Heavy load type
4 spine nuts
5. good price

Original THK ball spline 2LBST40UUCLFM+400LF, high torque model LBS, with heavy load capacity, full ball type.

Overview of THK ball spline:

The Ball Spline is a rolling guide spline bearing. This is an innovative product with a ball rolling on a groove connected to the shaft, realizing allowable loads greater than with linear bushing and enabling torque transmission while making linear movements.

Classification of Ball Spline:

1. Caged Ball Spline SLS/ SLF

The adoption of the ball cage enables the circulating motion of evenly spaced balls to be maintained and highspeed response to be achieved. In addition, it eliminates collision and mutual friction between balls, and realizes low noise, pleasant running sound and low particle generation. As the grease retention is increased, long-term maintenance-free operation is also realized.

(Model number)

2. High Torque Model LBS

This Ball Spline has no angular backlash to increase the rigidity by providing a preload with one spline nut since the spline shaft has 3 crests equidistantly arranged at 120 degrees on the circumference, each held by 2 rows (6 rows in total) of balls under a load .

(Model number)

3. Medium Torque Model LT

This Ball Spline has a large load capacity in the radial and torque directions since the spline shaft has 2 to 3 crests on the circumference, each held by 2 rows (4 or 6 rows in total) of balls under a load in order to reasonably provide a preload.

(Model number)

4. Rotary with Gears Model LBG

(Model number)

5. Rotary Model LTR

(Model number)

LBST ball spline:

Model No. Basic torque ratingBasic load ratingStatic permissible moment
Outer diameterLength (Radial)
DToleranceLToleranceDynamic ratingStatic ratingDynamic ratingStatic ratingMA. 1MA. 2
LBST 2030060090.22139.420.1103632
LBST 2537070017638114.928.71711060
LBST 3045080031265722.541.42951740
LBST 406001000696142037.166.95863540
LBST 5075011201290250055.194.19415610
LBST 6090012701870383066.212113008280
LBST 70100013503000609090.8164208011800
LBST 851200155047409550119213318017300
LBST 10014001750646014400137271441025400
LBST 12016002000838019400148306549032400
LBST 150205025001390032200196405806055400