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Insert bearing

Insert bearing
  • Insert bearing
Product code: 23627700001
Unit price: 3000 USD
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
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Quick Details

  • Type: Pillow Block
  • Bore Size: 5 - 1200 mm
  • Brand Name: THKF
  • Model Number: YAR 211-200-2F
  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Bearing Material: GCr15
  • Precision: : ABEC1 ABEC3 ABEC5
  • Clearance: : C3 C2
  • Working temperature: S0, S1, S2, S3, S4
  • Vibration rank: V1, V2, V3, V4
  • Noise Rank: Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Industry packing As clients requirement
Delivery Detail: 1-60 Workdays


Insert bearing
1. material: GCr15 / StainlesSteel
2. Cylindrical Bore with Set Screw
3. OEM
4. ISO9001-2000

Insert ball Bearing

It is a kind of the deep groove ball bearing, specially it has the aligning seat, so it can exchange bearings. It has priority to apply to agricultural machinery, transportation system or architecture machinery.

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SY 1 TFYAR 203-008-2FYAR 207-107-2FYAR 211-2RFYEL 206-103-2FYET 205-100
SY 1.3/16 TFYAR 203-010-2FYAR 207-2FYAR 212-203-2FYEL 206-2FYET 205/ VL065
SY 1.1/4 TFYAR 203-2FYAR 207-2RFYAR 212-204-2FYEL 206-2RF/ VL065YET 206
SY 1.7/16YAR 203/12-2FYAR 207-2RF/ HVYAR 212-207-2FYEL 207-104-2FYET 206-102
SY 1.3/8YAR 203/15-2FYAR 208-107-2FYAR 212-2FYEL 207-107-2FYET 206-103
SY 1.1/2 TFYAR 204-012-2FYAR 208-108-2FYAR 212-2FW/ VA201YEL 207-2FYET 206-104
SY 1.5/8 TFYAR 204-2FYAR 208-108-2RFYAR 212-2RFYEL 207-2RF/ VL065YET 206/ VL065
SY . 1.3/4 TFYAR 204-2RFYAR 208-2FYAR 213-208-2FYEL 208-108-2FYET 207
SY. 1.7/8 TFYAR 204-2RF/ HVYAR 208-2FW/ VA201YAR 213-208-2RFYEL 208-2FYET 207-104
SY 1.15/16 TFYAR 205-014-2FYAR 208-2RFYAR 213-211-2FYEL 208-2RF/ VL065YET 207-106
SY 2 TFYAR 205-015-2FYAR 208-2RF/ HVYAR 212-2FYEL 209-110-2FYET 207-107
SY 2.1/4 TFYAR 205-100-2FYAR 208-2RFG/ VE495YAR 213-2RFYEL 209-111-2FYET 208
SY 2.1/2 TFYAR 205-100-2RFYAR 209-108-2FYAR 214-2FYEL 209-112-2FYET 208-108
SY 2.15/16 TFYAR 205-2FYAR 209-110-2FYAR 215-215-2FYEL 209-2FYET 208/ VL065
YAR 205-2RFYAR 209-111-2FYAR 215-2FYEL 210-2FYET 209
YAR 205-2RF/ HVYAR 209-112-2FYAR 216-2FYEL 211-200-2FYET 209-111
SY 25 TFYAR 206-102-2FYAR 209-112-2RFYAR 216-300-2FYEL 211-203-2FYET 209-112
SY 30 TFYAR 206-103-2FYAR 209-2FYAR 218-2FYEL 211-2FYET 210
SY 35 TFYAR 206-104-2FYAR 209-2FW/ VA201YAR 220-2FYEL 212-207-2FYET 210-115
SY 40 TFYAR 206-2FYAR 209-2RFYAT 203YEL 212-2FYET 211
SY 45 TFYAR 206-2FW/ VA201YAR 210-111-2FYAT 204YET 203YET 211-200
SY 50 TFYAR 206-2RFYAR 210-115-2FYAT 205YET 203-010YET 211-203
SY 55 TFYAR 206-2RF/ HVYAR 210-2FYAT 205-100YET 203/15YET 212
SY 60 TFYAR 207-104-2FYAR 210-2FW/ VA201YAT 206YET 204YSA 205-2FK
YAR 207-104-2RFYAR 210-2RFYAT 207YET 204-012YSA 206-2FK
FY 1 TFYAR 207-106-2FYAR 211-200-2FYAT 207-107YET 204/ VL065YSA 207-2FK
FY 1.3/16 TF YAR 211-200-2RFYAT 208YET 205YSA 208-2FK
FY 1.1/4 TF YAR 211-203-2FYAT 209YET 205-014YSA 209-2FK
FY 1.7/16 TF YEL 205-100-2FYAT 210YSA 210-2FK
FY 1.3/8 TF YEL 205-2FYEL 204-2FYSA 211-2FK
FY 1.1/2 TF YEL 205-2RF/ VL065YEL 204-2RF/ VL065YSA 212-2FK
FY 1 5/8 TF YSA 213
FY 1.3/4 TF
FY 1 7/8 TF
FY 2.15/16 TF
FY 2.1/4 TF
FY 2.1/2 TF
FY 2.15/16 TF