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Suitable babies Square pillow shape anti- migraine baby pillow child pillow baby lengthened buckwheat pillow 0-1-3-6 years

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Safely / fitness babies Square
  • Item: 2613
  • Color: green cotton pillow (pillow + pillow) Cotton pink pillow (pillow + pillow) bamboo fiber pillow (pillow + pillow) air layer pillow (pillow + pillow)
  • Filling: buckwheat pillow
  • Pillow type: Pillow
  • Order number: G002- rollover pillow 300 526 007

Why baby lengthened pillow?

Pillow is too small, the baby's head is only one place to focus, easily distorted!

Long pillow there is enough space for your baby to flip back and forth, turning the natural and comfortable head shape!

Note: The above classification in the pillow are set (pillowcase Pillow * * 1 + 1)

Water on the pillow marked 'Wellcome Mita', which is our company name abbreviation. Fitness babies Square Wellcome Mita brand.

Green cotton, cotton dust, air layer, bamboo fiber material are referring to pillowcases, pillows are the same, buckwheat pillow, pillowcases only difference between them is different from the other are the same!