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  • 1000w
  • 1000w
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Other info: 4000KG
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Advantages Description

1. Simple wind turbine structure, the hub using sophisticated fixed pulp structure without complicated moving mechanical components, maintenance-free, very low failure rate.

2. All parts are made of conventional national standard parts, all over the world can buy accessories.

3. Three-phase transmission slip ring conductive, non-twist cable phenomenon.

4. No rigid rotors vertical drive mechanism, using only conventional bearings, this structure can be caused due to the unstable airflow jitter and vibration easily resolved out, it will help improve the life of wind turbines.

5. Unique simple control mode, automatic wind, effectively improve the efficiency of wind turbines; make full use of aerodynamic design, the wind speed exceeds the safety of wind turbines will automatically wind wheel deflection 90 Degree, do not front the wind, to ensure that wind turbines running in safe wind speed; rudder plate using patented spindle work, the case where the control system failure, shaft mechanism itself has to ensure wind turbines are not too high because of wind speed The damage at the same time with triple protection, completely eliminate the occurrence of failure!

The structure is Qingdao Xingguang Wind Power Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. for many years summed optimal solution, actual operating results show that the structure is simple and reliable, long life, greatly reducing the user's cost is the best control scheme wind turbines.

Qingdao Xingguang Wind Power Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. solemn promise: I produced wind turbine power is abundant, low starting torque, breeze start, low wind power generation, without compromising the efficiency of wind turbines and power output.