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Midea / F60-30W7 (HD) Speed ​​Hot Water Heater Shower Shower | 60L Water Storage Remote Control

Midea / F60-30W7 (HD) Speed ​​Hot Water Heater Shower Shower | 60L Water Storage Remote Control
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Midea / US F60-30W7 (H ...
  • Time to market: 2014-10
  • Net weight: 23kg
  • Heating power: 3000W
  • Packing size: 514x459x1010mm
  • Brand: Midea / Midea
  • Water heater US models: F60-30W7 (HD)
  • Stacking layer limit: 5 layers
  • Size: 400x882x100mm
  • Intelligence Type: Other Intelligence
  • Maximum capacity: 60L
  • Gross weight: 26.5 kg
  • Water heater installation requirements: Properly grounded and prohibit the use of mobile socket
  • Series: 30W7
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • Color Category: White
  • After-sales service: home installation of the UNPROFOR
  • Control: remote control
  • Style: horizontal
  • Energy efficiency rating: a

Note: This product must use tap water, for water pressure:0.02~1.0 (MPa)

Water heater installation is required to have a load-bearing walls can Oh!

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