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Necklace large chest plus large yards gather anti-sagging big mug stealth bra wedding gauze underwear

Necklace large chest plus large yards gather anti-sagging big mug stealth bra wedding gauze underwear
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Confreebroon
  • Time to market: Summer 2015
  • Brand: Confreebroon / Zheng Jin
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Style No .: 1072
  • Color Category: Thick skin color 3 times thicker color 4 times thicker skin color on the thin section under the skin color light section color
  • Size: A B C D E F
  • Cup style: 3/4
  • Cup thickness: thin mold cup
  • Cup lining: Viscose fiber
  • Cup lining material content: 95% or more
  • Mold Cup Fabric: Silicone
  • Fabric commonly known as: other
  • Shoulder strap style: no strap
  • Buckle: Front buckle
  • Insert: No insert
  • Whether the steel ring: no steel ring
  • Bra style: V type
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: one piece
  • Features: Invisible
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Suitable for: young women
  • Bra style: luxury
  • Flank lining (content): 100%
  • Flanking fabric (content): 100%
  • Bra series: invisible bra

What is invisible bra?
Invisible bra also known as silicone bra, silicone bra, self-adhesive bra, breast paste, magic bra, silicone chest pad (internationally called Silicome Bra, NuBra, NudeBra), etc. Invisible bra since the late nineties of the last century popular American , Invisible bra is composed of two pieces of silicone and the front buckle, direct paste the body can be.

'Basic Features'
1, the use of special technology produced by the excellent environmental health medicine, through the European SGS EN71 certification, the skin without stimulation, safe and healthy.
2, and then the big action will not fall off; can withstand strenuous exercise, rope skipping, running, playing basketball when it will work with your body, close do not shift.
3, on the skin without stimulation, safety and health; not afraid of sweat! V-STYLE sweat will not reduce the inner adhesion.
4, no straps, no back button, self-adhesive special features. Invisible concentration, care high firm, nice, suitable for any occasion.
5, easy to clean, easy to wear;
6, can be used repeatedly without degumming, drying after each cleaning, viscous natural recovery;

Stealth Bra Proper Wear - Washing - Maintenance Video (Consult customer service, provided by customer service).

'Five magical effects'
1, an instant fullness, one on the big!
2, instant upright, Shuangfeng proudly stand up!
3, instant gather, Li is charming cleavage!
4, natural real, seamless, like a part of the body!
5, with no trace, strapless halter Oh! 'Commodity knowledge'

Invisible bra wearing special effects video (please consult customer service, provided by customer service).

As the silicone invisible chest paste in the current Taobao flood, ranging from 10 to more than 100 blocks, many shops in order to deal with low price war, at the times shoddy, and even some poor, skin irritation, 10 a few The so-called 'biological glue' invisible bra to the customer!
And we guarantee genuine! Guaranteed sticky! This photo studio price of 90-300 yuan. Taobao a mall price 58 to 200 yuan.
I shop for only 38-78 yuan, independent packaging! Each has a separate gift small carton packaging! Double protection! Distant road, occasionally inevitably a little small squeeze. If the carton unfortunately injured, but also hope fairy generous Haihan ~ kowtow grateful!
This product, the store only rely on the amount of money to ensure that Taobao selling 98 yuan exactly the same. Low profit! Declined to bargain!

pay attention:

Invisible bra for personal special personal items, can only give a person to wear! Monitors are can not try, because we want to ensure that the pro who get the hand is only belong to your personal items, so invisible bra will be sold To be returned.
Please pro carefully consider the choice of their own before the purchase of the cup! Have questions please ask, we will be a hundred ask, thank you! I hope you are happy to buy and sell! Thank you for your cooperation!
common problem:
'Problem' this stealth underwear will be out?
A: We this invisible bra last year in our physical store sold nearly 10,000, the customer reputation is reflected very good, so this year only on the shop to sell. Just wear the right way, generally not easy to fall, even if the summer swimming The water will not fall Oh! You can rest assured that the use of the right to wear the following video commentary website!
' Problem 'this underwear is a one-off?
A: non-disposable! Can be repeated use Oh! Use medical silicone material, good viscosity, as long as proper maintenance, generally can be used 8 to 20 times or more.

'Question' this bra hurt the human body? Will it be allergic? Is it uncomfortable?
A: This invisible bra with high-grade medical silicone, safe and comfortable, healthy and not sensitized. Wear comfortable, especially for the first time wearing MM, will feel all of a sudden no sense of restraint, feel very relaxed. Take a unique design, not Damage to the skin.To distinguish it and biological glue or strong glue the difference, as long as a smell to know, biological glue and strong glue is not a good smell of smell, and our medical silicone is no stimulation or unpleasant the taste of.

'Problem' flat chest, chest small MM can wear it?
A: Of course, as long as the right to wear the law, there will be a clear effect of gathering, you can also use the multi-chip superposition .Experiments show that even men can squeeze cleavage!

'Question' after this use will chest sagging it?
A: will not affect the chest sagging, as long as the right to wear the law, there will be the effect of chest chest chest.

'Question' this cup and ordinary bra is the same big?
A: Invisible bra cup slightly smaller than the ordinary bra, small pieces of paste, the chest effect is better. We can refer to the next star to wear, are not all-inclusive, but wrapped in a part. (As long as the chest is not greater than 80CM) Election size or in accordance with the general underwear cup election, do not need to buy a large number.

'Question' how should I choose size?
A; this invisible bra a total of ABCD four sizes: breast is a small cup, female women B cup more, C cup is more partial full of MM, the larger is D cup.

Which invisible bra break the traditional style, not subject to the limits of the next, suitable for all breasts MM. As long as your bust is not greater than 80CM, it is recommended in accordance with the usual size of the cup can be selected.
'Problem' how to wear this invisible underwear ah?
A: invisible underwear wearing the law is actually very simple, even more than ordinary underwear is also simple.If you can directly. If you want a particularly good effect, please refer to our shop illustrations and wear video (please consult customer service, provided by the customer service )!

'Problem' how to wash this underwear and maintenance?
A: The general washing, it is strongly recommended to wash the water! Do not wash detergent, but also do not sun exposure, it is recommended to dry inside the room is good, and then included in the package we sent to the pro The