Necklace large chest plus large yards gather anti-sagging big mug stealth bra wedding gauze underwear

Necklace large chest plus large yards gather anti-sagging big mug stealth bra wedding gauze underwear

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Confreebroon
  • Time to market: Summer 2015
  • Brand: Confreebroon / Zheng Jin
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Ref: 1072
  • Color Category: Thick skin color 3 times thicker color 4 times thicker skin color on the thin section under the skin color light section color
  • Size: A B C D E F
  • Cup style: 3/4
  • Cup thickness: thin mold cup
  • Cup lining: viscose fiber
  • Cup lining content: 95% or more
  • Mold Cup Fabric: Silicone
  • Fabric commonly known as: other
  • Shoulder strap style: no strap
  • Hasp rows: the front buckle
  • Insert: No insert
  • Whether the steel ring: no steel ring
  • Bra style: V type
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: one-piece
  • Function: Invisible
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Suitable for: young women
  • Bra style: luxury
  • Flank lining (content): 100%
  • Flank fabric (content): 100%
  • Bra series: invisible bra

What is Invisible Bra?
Invisible bra also known as silicone bra, silicone bra, self-adhesive bra, breast paste, magic bra, silicone breast pad (internationally known as Silicome Bra, NuBra, NudeBra), etc .. Stealth bra since the late nineties of last century, , Invisible bra is composed of two pieces of silicone and front buckle composition, can be directly attached to the body.

'Basic features'
1, the use of special technology to produce excellent environmental medical glue, through the European SGS EN71 certification, no stimulation of the skin, safe and healthy.
2, and then a large action will not fall off; can withstand strenuous exercise, skipping, running, playing basketball when it will match your body movements, close to not shift.
3, no stimulation of the skin, safe and healthy; not afraid of sweat! V-STYLE sweat will not reduce the inner adhesion.
4, no shoulder strap, no back button, self-adhesive special features. Invisible concentration, care high firm, nice, suitable for any occasion.
5, easy to clean, easy to wear;
6, can be used repeatedly without degumming, drying after each cleaning, viscous natural recovery;

Stealth Bra Proper Wear - Washing - Maintenance Video (Consult customer service, provided by customer service).

'Five magical effect'
1, instant fullness, one on the big!
2, instant upright, Shuangfeng proudly stand up!
3, an instant gather, Li is now charming cleavage!
4, natural and real, seamless, like a part of the body!
5, with no trace, strapless halter Oh! 'Commodity knowledge'

Invisible bra wearing special effects video (please consult customer service, provided by the customer service).

Since the silicone invisible chest paste in the current Taobao flooding, a few pieces from 10 to more than 100 pieces, many shops in response to low price war, at shoddy, and even some of the bad, the skin irritation, 10 a few The so-called 'bio-plastic' invisible bra to the customer!
And we guarantee authentic! To ensure sticky! This section of the studio price of 90-300 yuan. Taobao a mall price 58-200 yuan.
I shop for only 38-78 yuan, independent packaging! Each has a separate gift small carton packaging! Double protection! Distance, occasionally inevitably a little small squeeze.If the carton unfortunately injured, but also hope fairy generous Haihan ~ Koushou grateful!
This product, the shop only to take the amount of assurance and Taobao selling 98 yuan exactly the same as meager!

pay attention:

Invisible bra for personal special personal items, can only give a person to wear! Stores are not try, because we want to ensure that pro who get the hands are only belong to you a person's items, so invisible bra will not be sold To be returned.
Please pro who carefully consider before choosing to buy their own cup! There are questions please ask, we will ask 100 questions, 100 questions 100! I hope you are happy! Thank you for your cooperation!
common problem:
'Question' this invisible underwear will be out?
A: Our invisible bra last year in our store to sell nearly 10000, the customer reputation is very good, so this year on the shop to sell. As long as the wear method is correct, generally not easy to fall, even in summer swimming, The water will not fall Oh! You can rest assured that the use of the right to wear below the video commentary URL!
Question 'Is this underwear one-off?
A: The non-disposable! Can be used repeatedly Oh! Use medical silicone material, sticky, as long as the maintenance properly, generally can be used more than 8 to 20 times.

'Problem' this bra on the human body hurt? Will allergies? Uncomfortable?
A: This invisible bra using high-grade medical silicone, safe and comfortable, healthy non-allergic. Wear comfortable, especially for the first time to wear the MM, will feel all of a sudden no sense of restraint, feel very comfortable. Damage to the skin to distinguish it and biological glue or glue the difference, as long as a smell to know, biological glue and strong glue has a smell is not a good smell, and our medical silicone is not any irritation or unpleasant the taste of.

'Question' flat chest, chest small MM can wear it?
A: Of course you can! As long as the wear method is correct, there will be a clear effect, can also be multi-chip superimposed.Experimental proof, even if men can squeeze cleavage!

'Question' will this use sag?
A: will not affect the sagging breasts, as long as the wear method is correct, there will be chest chest care effect.

'Question' Is this cup as big as an ordinary bra?
A: invisible bra cup bra than the average small, small piece of paste, poly chest better.We can refer to the next star to wear, not all-inclusive, but a part of the package (as long as no more than 80CM under the bust) Select the size or in accordance with the general underwear cup selection, do not need to buy a large one.

'Question' How should I choose the size of it?
A; this invisible bra a total of four sizes ABCD: breast small A cup, the country women B cups more, C cup is relatively partial fullness of the MM, the larger D cup.

Which invisible bras break the traditional style, not under the restrictions around, for all breast type MM.As long as your lower chest is not greater than 80CM, it is recommended in accordance with the usual size of the cup to wear on it.
'Question' how to wear this invisible underwear ah?
A: Invisible lingerie worn is actually very simple, even than ordinary underwear is also simple. Direct paste on it. If you want to particularly good results, please refer to our graphic illustration and wear video (please contact customer service, provided by the customer service )!

'Question' how to clean and maintain this underwear?
A: The general washing, it is strongly recommended that the water wash! Do not washing detergent, do not sun exposure, it is recommended on the inside of the room to dry naturally better, and then incorporated into the box we can give pro .