Suitable for Audi A4L / A6L / A3 / Q3 / Q5 / Q7 welcome pedal threshold of Article built special interior refit

Suitable for Audi A4L / A6L / A3 / Q3 / Q5 / Q7 welcome pedal threshold of Article built special interior refit

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Bin Jie
  • Model: Built threshold of Article
  • Scope: threshold of Article
  • Color Classification: Q3 Q3] [built-pedal pedal [external] 10-16 models Q5 Q5] [built-pedal pedal [external] 12--16 New A6L built [pedal] short paragraph 12--16 New A6L [External ] [built-pedal pedal A4L A4L short paragraph] [14-16] external pedal new A3 models [built] pedal pedal new A3 [external] new A3 [pedal] built carved S3 new A3 [06] carved S3 external pedal -15 old Q7 models [05-11] pedal built the old models A6L built [pedal] 09--16 years A4L [built] pedal back all-inclusive section 12--16 new A6L [built] pedal back all-inclusive section 16 The new Q7 models [4] built the pedal means 16 of the new Q7 [6] built pedal mounted A5 four built-pedal version [] [A5 two-door version built new A3 sedan [] pedal pedal built - all inclusive upgrade section]

[About the installation]

Recently a small part of the installation against posts reflects the owner, Alice, stick is not strong and other issues, where highly recommended All buyers must use pre-installed PCs look at the top of the page under the baby's video installation, or ask us to send you to see the video installation, our plate is 4S shop original car measure making , It is in line with the size of each Audi vehicle use, but Details of the installation has not been done may cause against posts Please before you install the riders is important to note the following installation details:

1, thick double-sided adhesive 3M relatively dry at room temperature, can not be pasted directly, with 3M adhesion promoter is required to use the same time recommendations before tearing after double-sided adhesive mounting fire machine, dryer or roasted gun a little bit heated , 3M double-sided adhesive after heating fully plays viscous;

2, When Audi A3 / A4L / A6L models pedal must install stuffed threshold edge sealing strip , Q3 / Q5 models do not need to plug strip inside the proposed installation position before the first match under a lot of installation against posts it is because the owners did not align well radians and installation location.

3, presented by 3M glue adhesion promoter is not, is not possible, its role is to increase the threshold with 3M double-sided adhesive adhesion; adhesion promoter is applied on the threshold is not applied to the 3M adhesive ( Tu double-sided adhesive is pasted into the approximate location can be);

4, need to press hard on the pedal after each part of the installation up 1-2 minutes, radian position can be clenched, so that the full solid paste