For Audi A4L / A6L / A3 / Q3 / Q5 / Q7 Welcome pedal built-in threshold for interior trim special modification

For Audi A4L / A6L / A3 / Q3 / Q5 / Q7 Welcome pedal built-in threshold for interior trim special modification

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: bingjie
  • Model: Built-in threshold bar
  • Scope of application: threshold bar
  • Built-in 'Q3' External 'Q5' Built-in 'Q5' External '12-17 models A6L' Built-in 'short paragraph 12-17 A6L' External '09-16 models A4L' Built-in 'short paragraph New A3 'built-in' new A3 'built-in' new A3 'built-in' new A3 'engraved S3' built-in '06-15 old Q7' built-in '05-11 Built-in 'all-inclusive' paragraph 16-17 Q7 'built-in' four-piece fitted 16-17 models Q7 'built-in' 6-piece A5 'four-door version' built-in 'A5 two-door' built-in 'new A3 sedan' built-in - blue all-inclusive 'new A3' blue external '17 new A4L'

'About Installation'

Recently, a small number of owners reflect the installation does not accept posts, Alice edge, sticky and other issues are not strong, here highly recommended All buyers must use the computer before the installation under the baby first look at the top of the page video, or contact customer service to install the video to you, our board are 4S shop measuring the original car version , The size is consistent with the Audi models used, however Part of the installation details did not do bit may lead to displeasure , Please install before the riders must note the following points to install the details:

1, thick 3M double-sided adhesive at room temperature compared to dry, can not be directly pasted, it is necessary to help with the use of 3M adhesive. Also recommended after tearing double-sided adhesive before installation with a fire machine, hair dryer or grill a little heating , & Lt; 3M double-sided adhesive after heating can give full play to sticky;

2, Audi A3 / A4L / A6L models installed pedal must be inserted into the threshold edge of the sealing strip , Q3 / Q5 models do not need to plug strips inside, it is recommended before the installation than the next position, a lot of installation is not satisfied with the owner of the post because there is no good alignment and installation of arc position.

3, donated 3M adhesive is not glue, not the more the better, its role is to increase the threshold with 3M adhesive double-sided adhesive; adhesive is applied to the threshold, not coated on the 3M glue ( Coated double-sided adhesive will be pasted to the approximate location);

4, pedal installed up to the need to press the parts after 1-2 minutes, arc position can be clenched, so that the full paste firmly