UPS uninterruptible power supply SANTAK Hills C1KS 1000VA / 800W delayed four hours | online

UPS uninterruptible power supply SANTAK Hills C1KS 1000VA / 800W delayed four hours | online

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SANTAK / Hills
  • Model: C1KS delayed 4 hours

Name: Shenzhen Hills SANTAK C1KS 1000VA 800W delay of four hours a

Configuration Checklist: Hills C1KS host 1, Section 3 12V100AH ​​battery, battery 12V100AH ​​section 3 mounted battery box 1

Warranty: Host Genius, three-year warranty, three-year replacement battery

Host Size: 345 * 144 * 229mm Battery cabinet size: 585 * 450 * 310mm

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Hills / SANTAK uninterruptible power supply power and time allocation table

Red Coloured words click the link To the corresponding commodity And after power needed Delay time (According to the shop from time to time discount promotions, the specific price may fluctuate)

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1) UPS should be noted that the use of a well-ventilated environment, conducive to heat and keep the environment clean.
2) Never with inductive loads, such as cash registers, fluorescent lights, air conditioning, etc., to avoid damage.
3) UPS output load control at around 60% for the best, highest reliability.
4) UPS load is too light (such as a 1000VA UPS with 100VA load) may cause the battery depth of discharge will reduce battery life, should be avoided.
5) Appropriate discharge, helps cell activation, such as long-term non-stop electricity, every three months should be artificially broken mains load discharge time with UPS tape, so you can extend the battery life.
6) For most small UPS, work to open UPS, boot to avoid load start, should work close UPS; For network room UPS, because most of the network is 24 hours, so the UPS must run around the clock.
7) UPS should be promptly charged after discharge to avoid battery damage due to excessive self-discharge.