English Mu | Silver silver bracelets | 999 sterling silver | Women's silver bracelets | Rose to speak pure silver bracelet lettering | Send mother

English Mu | Silver silver bracelets | 999 sterling silver | Women's silver bracelets | Rose to speak pure silver bracelet lettering | Send mother

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: spring/summer 2014
  • Shopping malls: are
  • Material: Silver
  • Metal material: 99 pure silver
  • Color category: s999 pure silver 28G (send silver certificate) rose s999 pure silver 20G (plated with Platinum) attached s999 pure silver 36g (send silver certificate) s999 20 grams of pure silver an everlasting love (with certificate) s999 simple smooth pure silver 20 g (with certificate) s999 smooth 20 grams of pure silver bamboo (with certificate) rose s999 pure silver 20G (certificate)
  • Brand: language Mu
  • Applying gender: female
  • Pattern: plants
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Inlay material: not set
  • Spot: spot
  • Condition: brand new
  • Price range: 301-400
  • New: fresh from the oven
  • Item no: B10AN0010

Shentong Express by default during the event, the national post! Other express delivery will not be made, delivery area, please contact customer service and money EMS; Special acute and urgent increase of 18 SF, SF can normally within 48 hours of arrival.

S999 thousand pure silver Rose Bracelet delivered quality certificate decuple penalty for fake buy!

Hint: silver bracelet certificate shows only, actually received the certificate order!

20 grams a bracelet to wear

"Brand" Yu Mu "Product number"B10AN0010

"Product" opening can be adjusted (error of 0.1-1 g is a normal weight range)

"About 20 grams width diameter 5.7cm 0.6cm Zhou Changyue 16.5cm";

"Material" S999 pure silver (internationally recognized the highest purity of silver)
"The wearing of maintenance" merchandise to wear as little as possible and the body friction finish. Can washing clean simple cleaning, removing fat, were bright
"Gift delivery" counters the original box, service cards and other gifts

This bracelet is so bright, do not know how to match clothes Ah?

Wear clothing is wild, the bracelet's sleek, minimalist, no matter what is a summer match clothes, what group, what style, are very appropriate!

Shopkeepers say send this bracelet for his girlfriend, fashion young, but I want to send my mother a gift, she like it? Age appropriate?

While we mark the young, but close your sure will tell you, rose bracelet is simple but not childish, you can bring. But mother people above 80 years old group, we recommend sending our Fu qiankun silver bracelet, others group Dai Ben, are easy to harness it!

Mirror sculptures

After a lot of fine grinding and high speed buffing, cast from. Simple fashion bracelets, silver plain and Reiki

999 pure silver

Adopt international standard pure silver production, classic, elegant

Open design

Adjustable size, suitable for different sized hands size group of people wearing

What is 999 pure silver?

Pure silver refers to the content of 99.9% of silver, silver is the highest on the market

Now on language launched Mu Old for new Activities (
) As we all know, it is a good product with the passing of time will turn the old, old send us the product (as long as the leading 30 fee), it can give you a brand new bracelet, make your life more brilliant and moving.