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Silver bracelet | 999 silver | female silver bracelet | rose open silver hand bracelet silver lettering | send his girlfriend

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring / summer 2014
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Material: Silver
  • Metal material: 99 feet of silver
  • (With certificate) s999 full silver simple glossy 20 grams (with certificate) s999 foot silver bamboo section smooth 20 grams (with certificate) rose section S999 Foot Silver 20g (with certificate)
  • Brand: language Mu
  • Applicable Gender: Female
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Style: Japan and Korea
  • Inlay Material: not mosaic
  • Whether the spot: Spot
  • Condition: New
  • The price range: 101-200 yuan
  • New strange: fresh baked
  • Item No: B10AN0010

Express will not be sent to the area, please contact customer service plus money EMS; particularly urgent urgent items can be added 18 yuan SF, SF can be normal within 48 hours of arrival .

S999 full silver rose Bracelets to send a certificate of quality inspection certificate a penalty ten to buy!

Tip: silver bracelet certificate only show, the actual receipt of the certificate shall prevail!

20 grams bracelet to wear map

'Brand' language Mu 'Product Number'B10AN0010

'Product size' opening design can be adjusted (weight error of 0.1-1 g is a normal error range)

'20 grams of surface width of about 0.6cm diameter of about 5.7cm circumference of about 16.5cm';

'Product Material' S999 full silver
'Wear maintenance' goods wear as little as possible and object friction, keep light .Use clean simple cleaning, remove greasy, restore light
'Gift Distribution' counter the original box, after-sales service cards and other gifts

This bracelet so bright, do not know how with clothes like ah?

Dress is to wild, this bracelet fashion simple, no matter what the summer clothes, what the crowd, what style, are very suitable!

Mirror engraving

After several fine grinding and high-speed cloth wheel polishing, casting. Bracelet simple fashion, with a simple and aura of silver

999 full silver

The standard foot silver production

Open design

Adjustable size, suitable for different sizes of the hand diameter of the crowd to wear

999 silver is what?

Foot silver is 99.9% silver content

Now, language Mu introduced Trade-in Activity, (
) As we all know, no matter how good the loss of goods will become old over time, the old products sent to us (as long as the make up 30 yuan wages), you can give you a new bracelet, make your life more flash Bright moving.