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Si Ying 84-inch 4: 3 frame screen projector mobile portable screen projector HD manual bracket screen

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Product parameters:

  • Curtain Brand: CINE / Si Ying
  • Model: 84 bracket screen
  • Screen material: white glass fiber white plastic
  • Curtain type: other types
  • Curtain type: bracket screen
  • Size: 51 inches (including) -100 inches (inclusive)
  • Proportion: 4: 3
  • Gain multiplier: 1.5 times

White plastic screen: (White plastic) and gray curtains, made of woven fabric woven with a special coating of PVC materials, wide viewing angle support scrub, widely used in business and teaching areas.

Glass curtain: Woven fabric woven into the bottom, the surface coated with glass broken beads, for low-lumen LED light source or bright scene can increase the brightness, does not support the scrubbing viewing angle is small.

Glass screen: The fabric is made of glass woven into the base fabric, the surface layer coated with a special projection effect of high-definition materials.Because of the support of glass fiber cloth, so no need to level, the natural stretch will be straight.It is the biggest advantage of the temperature difference And climate change is large, can also be kept flat .Because of the role of glass fiber cloth, so that the gain and contrast increase .Bath color bright, contrast increased .Fiber curtain is widely used in high-end screen. : Bright lifelike, high contrast.

the answer is: If the projection screen and ordinary white fabric, then the projection screen this product will not exist.Projection screen and ordinary fabrics, compared with a significant advantage.First of all, the projection screen screen reflects the strong light, which can improve the screen Brightness, through clever treatment of light, you can also change the screen black bit effect, and enhance the contrast of the screen.

White walls and projection screen, compared to the above-mentioned increase the gain, expand the viewing angle, improve resolution, enhance contrast, enhance color reproduction and so on, and because the wall is easy to contaminate, or the wall itself will give the texture of the projection screen to create a certain It is worth mentioning that the white wall is not 'black side', do not underestimate the black side, it can improve the attention of the viewing and picture contrast, can improve the visual quality of the screen itself, but also to avoid the surrounding Influence, these are white walls can not replace the projection screen of the reasons.