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Ying Hui HC01 | electric pull screen | remote control screen 133 inch 16: 9 electric curtain 1080P curtain glass screen

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Product parameters:

  • Curtain Brand: Ying Hui
  • Model: HC01 133 inches
  • Screen material: white fiberglass glass fiber
  • Curtain type: electric wire drawing
  • Curtain type: front projection screen
  • Size: 101 inches (inclusive) -150 inches (inclusive)
  • Proportion: 16: 9
  • Gain multiplier: 1.1 times

The following content from the AV199 forum to play friends 'crcrc' (because it involves audio and other content here only intercept the projection screen related) Figure to kill the cat, open the slower wait a moment:

Thank you HD199 (AV199) Forum and the players provide reference information, so I have confidence from scratch into the projection world.

You can see in this post inside a guy who likes to do their own planning and design, equipment selection, sea Amoy equipment, wiring, installation, commissioning,
, From scratch, step by step to install their own set of entry-level 3D high-definition projection system.

If you just like the landlord or just want to enter the world of projection, which should have some experience for reference.

Then select the curtain.

From the TW5200's technical indicators, in my home from the projection of this 100-inch cast is easy, throwing 120 difficulty there is a problem,
Point, so I limit a little, select the 106-inch than the lack of more than the size of the next.Update: In fact, the final projection distance of 3.35, the test put
120-inch is no problem, but the screen is too wide when the speaker will block the door, so forget it, or 106 bar)

The second question is whether the pull-up or non-pull fabric is better than the pull-up cloth, which makes it easier to control the curl and the non-pull cloth looks better.
More important, so pull-line cloth selected.

The third problem is the selection of the screen or the gray screen .Color reduction and contrast enhancement, I re-color, white screen selected.

JK, YH, HY, WZ ... ... a lot of brands, the description of the site to see, see evaluation, the final election of the YH, the result of the selection of the brand.
Introduced in his home 'precision limiter' is very important to me, other brands should also have this, but you do not say I do not know.

The fifth problem is to choose that model. Meet the above requirements of the YH 106 screen with HC01, HD01, HE01 ...... and many other models, HE01 too basic,
HC01 and HD01 ratio, a four-layer structure of fiberglass screen, a three-layer structure of nano-screen, HD01 soft can easily flatten, but I am worried that the soft is also easy to deformation, say
HC01 is also cheaper.

Therefore, the final curtain choice is HC01 106 inch friends.

Do not walk away, and then talk about the choice of the projector hanger.According to the TW5200 installation guide, cast 106-inch screen, the lens on the screen along the bottom of the
12 cm position, the amount of my TV wall, put down the curtain along just below to the home, the lens should be about 46 cm away from the ceiling.

The lens center to the plane about 4 cm, then the length of the hanger can not exceed 42 cm

Good news followed, Debon logistics door to the curtain today, also did not play wooden, but check the outer carton intact, sign, on

A person to carry the door to the elevator, pony, dead piston does not go in - too long! Well, we have foresight, had to buy a house can not buy too high floor
Layer, climb the stairs on it ... ...

Look, that is so long!

Out of the box inspection, intact.

Surprise is a remote control upgrade, more beautiful, happy!


Install the curtains tonight.

Because the ceiling is plywood, so intends to drill a small hole, the expansion screw from top to wear down hanging like a curtain. Removable spotlights, hand pressure one
Pressure of a board, feeling the strength of plywood is not enough, the curtain is so heavy, if the board fall deformation or even break the big trouble!

Think to want to go, before looking for the rest of the teak, drill a hole and then saw a box.

So then the expansion screw to go through, there is a small piece of wood scattered nut pressure, the entire structure should have sufficient strength to protect the

The amount of good punching position, marking ... ...

Drilling holes, and then removed the expansion of the iron from the hole above the screw to wear down, try to force the situation by hand, good!

In order to make the curtain as close to the ceiling as possible, have to highlight part of the hook a little less.

The volume of the two hooks before the distance, the corresponding adjustment of the location of the two hanging ring on the screen, try hanging about.

Adjust the hook screws until the screen frame is fully level.

Plug in the power, put down the curtain to see.

The gap between the curtain and the TV is just right.

After-sales technical staff in the business under the guidance of the lower limit of the screen to adjust the good, indeed accurate, like a!
Adjust the approach is to take a small word screwdriver, in the bottom left corner of the screen cloth to find two holes, from the wall of the hole into the black, test
, Inserted into the adjustment hole inside, from the front of this point of view is the case.

From the side point of view is so careful not to insert the wrong hole to the white, and that is the transfer of the limit, usually manufacturers have a good tune no longer change!
If I want to let the curtains do not put too much out, on the direction of green arrows gently turn a dozen laps, then the curtain test put look to see, not
High enough to turn a few laps, try again, until the curtain down position than the target position a little higher, and then slowly adjust the direction of rotation in the opposite direction, turn one
Curtain cloth will drop a little until the appropriate location, set aside a screwdriver, ok!
In turn, if you want the curtain a little more out, just drop the curtain directly after the green arrow in the opposite direction slowly turn, turn the curtain will drop one
Point until the right position, set aside a screwdriver, ok!

Sweep the battlefield to see results!


Today's job is to lay the power cord properly.

At the beginning I was planning to take the TV wall lighting power to the screen and the projector used, but see the screen installed after the spotlight has not been much affected,
Plus left in the box around the original foot of a five-hole socket is empty, so I decided to modify the program, from the socket at the other to pull a power to use, as shown below
In the orange line shown in this way, the power cord and HDMI cable does not coincide, can effectively reduce the electromagnetic interference.

Get ready materials, start!

The middle of the process of labor-intensive work on the skip, and look at the end of the busy one night: the wire plus a three-pin plug, plug in to see the movie,
When not in use, safe and energy-saving.

To the ceiling here with a wax tube threading turned a bend to the ceiling inside the light groove.

Finally, go to the right side of the screen power supply, then the curtain of the lift controller. Although the controller is placed inside the light slot, but the remote control is not affected, Ting
it is good.

Now the screen wiring seems to be more simple, very satisfied!


When you are a night vision of the projector finally placed in front of you, I believe that anyone can not curb the immediate impulse to put the film, the landlord is normal ... ...
Put the carton on the sofa when the shelf, put white, gently lifted the veil ... ... Oh ... ... is to open the mask ... 'Note: winter to do this thing will have a strong
Of the static electricity, please pay attention to discharge measures to prevent damage to equipment!

Plug in the power cord ... ... and slow, this voltage is really no problem?
Turn over the bottom of the white (shame ... ...) a look, 100-240V ~, then no problem 啦! Rest assured!

This 12-meter HDMI cable is really not long and not short, directly from the smallpox pulled over the projection just.

Directly on the Central Pacific 3D it!
Please ignore the various images are not allowed, the room chaos, this is not a formal test, just look at the machine work is normal, the way the first cool one.

Large screen 3D feel really flat-panel TV can not be compared, and then cool for a while ... ...

Projection, curtain adjustment after the curtain along the bottom of the home only 1 cm more, can not be lower.

Contrast adjustment is good, should be able to see the model's black, not with the black wall mixed together.

Red performance.

Blue performance.

Green performance.

In order not to allow users to wait too long, hold back the impulse to watch the Star Wars, into the animation test, the color is perfect it!

Twist the anemone, it looks so vivid ... ...

Hurry, and then one. Originally also worried about the 720P movie in the 106-inch screen will look too rough, it now appears, okay, okay, temporarily without
To a lot of friends.

Suddenly found that so many days, actually did not put a panorama up, and quickly make up one!


Just look at the panorama is not good to see the difference between projection and television, come a few figure, this is the effect of TV mode:

The test screen is a reference to the article, with the "drowned in the battlefield," the United States and the United States of the lens.Opening lights lit the case,
TV color, brightness is still very good (that is a small point, hehe).

Turn on the lights into a projection, is this effect:

Obviously unsatisfactory, it is still honestly turn off the lights it:

Just from my home this projection color and brightness point of view, really not as good as LCD TV, but if there is a professional equipment, auxiliary adjustment, combined with fully shading
Environment, the effect of big screen is far from small TV can be compared to the.


Exciting glasses comparison of the actual combat has finally come!

When the player's 3D video signal is sent to the TW5200 projector, the projector recognizes the signal and prompts attention to the 3D screen.
Little guy, that is you, back to the house to play, the following is 3D, you can not see!

Press the ESC key on the remote control or wait for a little while, the prompt window will close, the legendary ghost picture came out.

According to EPSON home publicity, as a result of the 'unique 480Hz drive technology', can 'effectively improve the 3D mode projection brightness'.
The actual use of this advantage I can not distinguish it, it is estimated that the use of professional equipment Caixing.

But the original glasses and the projector with a really good, the picture is perfect, there will not be a little bit around the screen image mixing, and compatible glasses, I guess
480Hz technology can not be well adapted to the basic screen no difference, but if carefully looked at the subtitles, there will always see a little bit of virtual box.

Ah, the last time there are users want to see more color screen to the camera, see how this color ... ... hey hey ... ...


Should the masses request, more on the 2D screen shot, good good, the film is selected Timescapes.1080p.BluRay.x264, 16: 9 screen, really every frame
You can do computer wallpaper, click to view larger image.

The following chart blue sky will be the shortcomings of the LCD core are displayed, the color transition a step, hey ... ...

And ...

Sparkling water

Rain after the double rainbow

Forest light

Do not be too entangled in the color transition problem, watch movies, listen to music, enjoy it!