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Remote control with remote control | Projection remote control | Wireless remote control | Wireless controller |

Remote control with remote control | Projection remote control | Wireless remote control | Wireless controller |
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Product parameters:

  • Curtain Brand: Dia-Mond
  • Model: single-control remote control
  • Screen type: remote control
  • Size: 1 inch (inclusive) -50 inches (inclusive)
  • Proportion: other
  • Gain multiple: other / other

product description:

Brand: Diamond

Voltage: 220V

Uses: used to control the electric projection screen of the rise and fall, and stop.


1, imported chips, advanced technology, safe and reliable.

2, digital encryption, anti-interference, not subject to directional control, non-barrier group separated.

3, the maximum load 500W

4, remote control distance greater than 50 meters

5, safe temperature range, long-term use of the shell will not turn yellow or black.

Product physical picture: There are two styles, random send


1, If ​​the remote control distance is shortened or can not be remote control, please replace the remote control handle battery.

2, replace the remote control receiver, please power-off operation to prevent electric shock!

Tips: buy a remote control friends alone Please note that the remote control handle with a 12V 23A of the battery, take the courier air can not be sent (Guangdong Province, you can take land transport), we will be shipped out of the battery , Received the goods, please remember to buy the battery after use. Thank you understand!

common problem:

1Q: single control and dual control What is the difference?

A: single control is only wireless remote control function, dual control is wireless remote control + wire switch, dual function.
The benefits of dual control is: In case the remote control handle is lost or temporarily can not find the remote control handle, you can use the wire control switch to control the curtain movements.

2Q: My original electric screen itself has a remote control switch, then this remote control, remote control switch can use it?
A: If this remote control, the original wire-controlled switch must be removed, not at the same time remote control and wire together.

3Q: with the electric screen to buy, you need to own wiring?

A: If you buy the electric screen, if we take the remote control together, we will be installed in the electric screen, you receive the goods can be operated directly with the remote control handle.