SIYOO HD handheld illuminated magnifier expanding elderly to read 10 times 20x optical glass partition

SIYOO HD handheld illuminated magnifier expanding elderly to read 10 times 20x optical glass partition

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: SIYOO / Star Island antique hand reading ...
  • Brand: SIYOO / Star Island
  • Model: antique handheld reading magnifier
  • Magnifier Type: Handheld Magnifier

LED illuminated reading magnifier 10x HD handheld antique appraisal handheld magnifier 20 times

About Premiums Description: flannel bag / battery / lens cloth (Details description inside gifts picture for reference only ) (Gift pouch / lens cloth or the battery will be Change at any time Color or battery brand) (due to discrepancies with the picture gifts Mind, please carefully purchase)

Note: The secondary mirror 20 times,

As: focal length of about 2cm // reads like: after ultra focal length 2cm (both remote)

Product uses three AAA batteries

1, Two LED lights, high brightness, make reading amplification effect more clearly. Also a small mirror 20 times a white assist lamp!

2Handle parts used in line with income grip ergonomic shape, easy to slide the magnifying glass in his hand, feel particularly comfortable.

3Unique battery compartment design, does not occupy space, small and exquisite. And the replacement battery more quickly with just one touch battery cover to open the battery compartment to replace the battery after a press battery cover to cover. Beautiful and stylish, convenient and practical .

4, Push the switch board: oval design with arc-shaped grooves, conforming to the shape of the finger does not hurt your fingers when using the switch structure of shrapnel design, so feel particularly easy on and off, and will not fail.

5Use range: office, hospitals, schools, special equipment identification, printing, home, machinery and other home reading!

Read 10 times to 20 times to identify, white cut glass optical lenses, magnifying glass with LED lights can be used in the dark, not controlled by light, shadow-free lighting, good amplification effect, Multiples of the real, the use of optical lenses, clear imaging, non-dispersive, protect eyesight. implantation ergonomic, lightweight design concept, easy to grip, non-slip, feel good, comfortable to use, loved by the public! Get off only lens cleaning cloth 800 during the event