SIYOO high-definition hand-held large magnifying glass with reading light 10 times 20 times the optical glass partition

SIYOO high-definition hand-held large magnifying glass with reading light 10 times 20 times the optical glass partition

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: SIYOO / Star Island hand-held antique reading ...
  • Brand: SIYOO / Star Island
  • Model: hand-held antique reading magnifier
  • Magnifier Type: hand-held magnifying glass

LED light with 10 times the handheld high-definition reading magnifier 20 times the hand-held antique identification magnifying glass

Note: due to the G20 summit, the battery products can not be transported, so the product is not giving the battery

About Gift Description: velvet bag / battery / lens cloth (details inside the gift picture for reference only ) (Gift bag / lens cloth or battery will be Replacement at any time Color or battery brand) (due to gifts and pictures have different minds, please carefully purchase)

Note: 20 times the auxiliary mirror,

Just as: focal length of about 2cm / / inverted: focus after the ultra-2cm (both long-distance)

The product uses three AAA batteries

1, 2 LED lights, high brightness, so that the reading magnification more clearly. 20 times the small mirror Another white auxiliary light!

2, The handle part of the ergonomic design with a grip style, magnifying glass in the hand is not easy to fall, feel particularly comfortable.

3, A unique battery compartment design, do not take up space, small and exquisite. To replace the battery more quickly, just gently press the battery cover to open the battery compartment, replace the battery after a battery cover can be covered.Fashionable, convenient and practical .

4, Switch push plate: oval with curved groove design, in line with the finger shape. In use, not to hurt your fingers, switch structure using shrapnel design, so open and off feeling particularly easy, and will not fail.

5, The use of: office, hospitals, schools, identification of special equipment, printing, home, machinery, etc. Home reading!

10 times to read 20 times the identification of glass optical white cut lens, magnifying glass with LED lights can be used in the dark, free from light control, no shadow lighting, magnification good, multiples of true, the use of optical lenses, clear imaging, Protect vision. Shape design ergonomic implantation concept, easy to handle, anti-skid, feel good, comfortable, loved by the public! Folding 800 activities during the period only gift lens cloth