LKV354 YPbPr to HDMI Converter

LKV354 YPbPr to HDMI Converter

Product description:

LKV354 YPbPr to HDMI Converter

Long-LKV354YPbPr converter is YPbPr video and R / L signal is converted into a high-definition format left and right audio output HDMI signal can make only YPbPr output devices, such as PS2, XBOX, STB, DVD, player, etc., connected to a Full HD ( 1080P) big-screen TV's HDMI channel lets you easily enjoy high-definition movies on a full HD TV, play games (Note:. LKV354 use video pass-through technology, part of the PS2 game output 480I, some are not compatible TV HDMI This resolution caused not display)

Can Profile

HD YPbPr input:
Image: Support 576i, 576 @ 50480 @ 60480 @ 59720 @ 50720 @ 59720 @ 60 1080i @ 241080i @ 251080i @ 291080i @ 301080P @ 591080P @ 60 numerous formats YPbPr signal input.
Sound: Supports 1 channel stereo sound input.

HDMI output:

Using Long strong patented video pass-through technology, directly to the image is converted to high-definition HDMI output Supports up to 1080P resolution is clear and vivid picture vividly demonstrated in front of you.
Also features built-in audio converter, synchronous video HDMI output, AV exciting show

Long-LKV354HDMI video converter output images up to 1080 lines of vertical pixels, in line with HDMI1.3 standard, compatible with HDCP protocol

Connection diagram

Interface Description