LKV350 VGA to HDMI Converter

LKV350 VGA to HDMI Converter

Product description:

LKV350 VGA to HDMI Converter

The VGA signal and AUDIO signal into the PC becomes a high-definition HDMI signal output format can make graphics VGA output connections Full HD (1080P) large-screen TV through the conversion of the converter. This converter VGA signal processing , without Scaler processing, the highest resolution can support up to 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz. This product has a resolution of support for the PC graphics and more, good compatibility, and high-definition.

Can Profile

HD VGA input:

Image: 720 * 400 @ 85Hz, 640 * 480 @ 60Hz, 800 * 600 @ 60Hz
1024 * 768 @ 60Hz, 1280 * 720 @ 60Hz, 1280 * 768 @ 60Hz
1280 * 1024 @ 60Hz, 1360 * 768 @ 60Hz, 1600 * 1200 @ 60Hz, 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz
Sound: Direct use of computer 3.5MM audio interface, more simple and convenient to use your

HDMI output:

Using Long strong patented video pass-through technology, directly to the image is converted to high-definition HDMI output would be clear and vivid picture vividly demonstrated in front of you

Smart Work Lights

Power Light - Standard power input on the light
Lights - standard signal input on the light
Simple and easy to judge, so you can easily understand the equipment working.

Long strong LKV350 HD video converter output images up to 1080 lines of vertical pixels, in line with HDMI1.3 standard, compatible with HDCP protocol

Connection diagram

Interface Description

PC-card VGA signal input port
PC-Audio Audio signal input port
Power / Signal Status Indicator
HDM signal output port
DC5V power input port