LKV8000 (1080P) PSP to HDMI Converter New

LKV8000 (1080P) PSP to HDMI Converter New

Product description:

LKV8000 (1080P) PSP to HDMI Converter New

Long-LKV8000 (1080P) PSP to HDMI converter is a Long strong science and technology base in the original LKV8000 upgraded new generation of products, in LKV8000 technically, we make the following feature upgrades:

1: The latest Long-doubling technology, LKV8000 original 720P output can now upgrade directly to 1080P (720P switchable output).

2: The latest energy-saving control technology, LKV8000 former requires power 5V2A, and now the latest energy-saving technology allows power 5V1A can be completely normal work will bring you lower energy consumption, more suitable for long hours of work, much longer. product life.

3: The latest Long strong video optimization technology, on the basis of the original LKV8000, optimized for video output, so that the image converted more lifelike, you can enjoy a more perfect have Long strong PSP to bring your big screen. game fun.

LKV8000 game developed for the PSP video conversion products, so that PSP directly output to full-screen high-definition TV. After the converted signal not only exhibit high definition, perfect quality, no distortion, etc. And the game can achieve full screen output . PSP is a handheld game, although it's selling point is portability, but after people work sitting at home, we can connect the PSP to the LCD display, allowing you to fully experience high-definition gaming and HD home theater entertainment fun get better effect.


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