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LKV391N Full Port HDMI HDMI Converters

LKV391N Full Port HDMI HDMI Converters
  • LKV391N Full Port HDMI HDMI Converters
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LKV391N Full Port HDMI HDMI Converters

New LKV391N integrated USB * 2, HDMI * 2, DVI * 1, YPbPr + Audio * 1, AV * 1 and other common audio up to 8 channel video input, use the latest Color Eye Long strong patented technology will be clear and vivid picture of the whole vividly HD lossless converted to HDMI ( extra way Coaxial audio output ) audio and video signals to show in front of you. she is a whole new generation of audio and video entertainment center, behind farewell television messy wiring, an HDMI cable easily to DVD players, game consoles computers, set-top boxes, hard disk players and other entertainment devices simultaneously connect to your TV, while direct display of your hard disk, U disk and other storage devices support USB devices LKV391N TV ., HDMI output only supports up to 1080P, in line with HDMI1 .3 compliant and compatible with HDCP protocol also supports HDMI 3D output. this is the new LKV391N not only all aspects of a comprehensive upgrade, and build more compact.