LKV363 AV / S terminal to HDMI Video Converter UP TO 1080P

LKV363 AV / S terminal to HDMI Video Converter UP TO 1080P

Product description:

LKV363 AV / S terminal to HDMI Video Converter UP TO 1080P

LKV363 AV / S terminal to HDMI Video Converter will CVBS or S-Video signal, AUDIO (L / R) stereo signals through digital processing is converted to HDMI output, thus greatly improving the quality and effectiveness of image and sound, so CVBS or S -Video signal promoted to progressive signals 1080P, the image is more clear and stable.

Can Profile

1: Motion Optimization
Allow rapid movement clearer picture of the same nature;
2: Color Optimization
Further improve the image contrast so that the screen showing rich layers of dark colors
3: Digital Noise Reduction
The outline and details of further sharpening the picture, so that the image is more vivid.
Long-LKV363 compensation patented technology uses clear 3D vivid picture vividly demonstrated in front of you. Watch convert videos in clear reproduction. Effectively eliminate jitter and smearing fast motion pictures. Meanwhile, the red, green, and blue are perfect reduction.

Long strong HD video converter, using pure hardware processing, easily to your AV signal or S-video signals are converted to HDMI. And can output up to 1080P HD video signal.

Using the latest of Long-processing chip, to bring you unimaginable stable 24-hour long uninterrupted stability.

LKV363 using Long strong Scaler video processing technology, the various signals 480I only low-resolution conversion of HD signals to 1080P.

Long strong Scaler technology brings 10-bit A / D processing techniques, bring more than one billion kinds of color processing capabilities, so the converted video more vivid, bright, while among the superior scaling technology that allows video are smooth through SCALER transition, to eliminate image noise and aliasing.

Long strong LKV363 HD video converter output images up to 1080 lines of vertical pixels, in line with HDMI1.3 standard, compatible with HDCP protocol
Scale common signal input through processing, the output standard 720P or 1080P signal output.

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