LKV344 HDMI matrix video switcher four into four (3D)

LKV344 HDMI matrix video switcher four into four (3D)

Product description:

LKV344 HDMI matrix video switcher four into four (3D)

Long strong HDMI Matrix Switcher four into four LKV344

Long strong HDMI Matrix Switcher four into four LKV344, the most comprehensive support for HDMI 1.3 standard with matrix switching function, supports 4 to switch between the four distribution design, but also provides remote control functionality, ease of use, all channels fully support 1080P The transmission capacity. It provides the maximum amount of fully functional integrated system .HDMI products support both audio and video signals.
All support HDCP connectivity and access to any four signals to any four displays 4 Source +4 display = a simple matrix switching systems integration HDTV


- Any switch between the four signals;
- Assign four arbitrary signal to four HDMI displays Renyiyitai;
- Supports 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p resolution;
- Support for high-resolution video - easily reach the beautiful HDTV resolutions up to 1080p;
- Separate infrared remote control (internal); RS232 controller;
- All Compatible HDMI1.3;
- Compatible with HDCP;
- Easy to install, easy to disassemble;

Video amplifier signal bandwidth
1.65 Gbps
Input video signal level
1.2 V p-p
Input DDC signal level
5 volts p-p (TTL)
Single connection signal range
1080p/ 1920*1200
HDMI input / output: port
A type 19-pin female connector
Remote control port
RS232 female, mini - stereo
power supply
RS232 female, mini - stereo 24 volt
60 watts (maximum)
17 W x 1.75H x 5.875 D inch
Shipping Weight

Connection diagram

Interface Description

Front panel:

1, the output line 1 selection button 2, the output line 1 indicator
3, the output line 2 selection button 4, the output line 2 indicator
5, the output line 3 selection button 6, the output line 3 LEDs
7, the output line 4 selection button 8, the output line 4 LEDs
9, infrared receiver window 10, prohibit operation lock key
11, prohibit operation lock key indicator
12, the power switch

Rear panel:

1, power input port 2, 4 output ports
3, 4 sets of input port 4, extending IR output
5, RS232 control port 6, debug port