FLY7503W-AV Video Converter

FLY7503W-AV Video Converter

Product description:

FLY7503W-AV Video Converter

If you need to use at the time of the construction of low-cost alternative to expensive liquid crystal display LCD TV, or that you need to convert the CVBS signal into VGA signal, FLY7503W Video Converter will be your ideal choice.
This product through the Long Technology's unique video pass-through technology, CVBS or S-VIDEO signal source without loss into VGA signal, and source programs can adjust brightness, contrast and other parameters, allowing you to easily perfect conversion program source.
FLY7503W-AV Video Converter supports widescreen / general screen resolution output


1: Motion Optimization
Allow rapid movement clearer picture of the same nature;
2: Color Optimization
Further improve the image contrast so that the screen showing rich layers of dark colors
3: Digital Noise Reduction
The outline and details of further sharpening the picture, so that the image is more vivid.
Long-AV switch VAG series Compensation patented technology uses 3D The clear and vivid picture vividly demonstrated in front of you. In view conversion monitoring security clearly reproduced. Effective elimination of fast motion picture Jitter and tailing Phenomenon. Meanwhile, the red, green and blue primary colors Perfect to restore Increases ordinary LCD displays comparable to the LCD monitor

Long-AV to use VAG-based products Industrial design standards 25% less power than the previous generation equipment, 30% significantly less heat than the previous generation device by aging testing we found that the new generation of Long strong but also for Long uninterrupted work stable and high
Long-AV to use VAG-based products Industrial design philosophy , Designed to fully consider the needs of customers. Not only have Image freeze Function, operating Subtitles Tip More have Automatic power saving Working status.

Screen pixels, the higher the screen resolution, the more lifelike picture. Long-AV to VGA-based classes up to 1280 * 1024 (1680 * 1050 widescreen) will Fine quality more exciting show, details apparent advantage .
• Long-AV to VGA in W series can not only output standard 4: 3 puping display, more can output of the 16: 9
Not only supports the resolution of diversity, more support Intelligent adaptation of PAL / NTSC , And support for image brightness, contrast, color saturation, hue adjustment and other diverse functions

Professional focus to concentrate on, Long strong worthy of their trust also worthy of your trust

Connection diagram

Interface Description

(1) VGA Out
Then the computer monitor
(2) Video In
Connected video source (such as DVD, video cameras)
(3) Svideo In
Then S-Video signal source
(4) VGA In
Then the host computer
(5) DC 5V
Then the power
(6) Remote
IR receiver (remote control) / Conventional ship does not have

(1) Input
Video input selection: Cycle CVBS)) S_VIDEO (C / Y))) VGA
(2) Menu
Menu Key: cycles through the Adjust menu, including: brightness, contrast, color saturation, hue
(3) Freeze / +
(4) Resolution / -
- The time when the BRI menu appears:
Press 'Freeze / +' to increase the brightness of the image, press 'Resolution / -' to reduce the brightness of the image
- When prompted adjustment CON:
Press 'Freeze / +' to increase the image contrast, press 'Resolution / -' the image contrast reduction
- When prompted COL adjustment:
Press 'Freeze / +' to increase the image color saturation, press 'Resolution / -' to reduce the saturation of the color image
- When prompted HUE adjustment:
Press 'Freeze / +' ascending the image tone, press 'Resolution / -', the tone descending

- Menu off:
Press 'Freeze / +' conduct Freeze and unfreeze operations
- Menu off:
Press the 'Resolution / -' were conducted resolution selection

- Press the 'Input Resolution / -, restore the default settings
(5) Wide Screen
Press to select when the line widescreen resolution: 1280 * 720 @ 60HZ, 1440 * 900 @ 60HZ.
1600 * 900 @ 60HZ, 1680 * 1050 @ 60Hz