BNC to VGA converter FLY7504M security

BNC to VGA converter FLY7504M security

Product description:


Long-FLY7504 professional BNC (S terminal) to VGA converter security, using the world's first wide-voltage design support 5V ~ 19V input. Stop operating power due to customer error, causing damage to the product. Within a switch chip, so you can easily BNC / Switching between the S-Video output / VGA. circuit design using industrial-grade, highly efficient and stable, for 24 hours non-stop work. The image processing technology using patented 3D compensation will clear and vivid picture vividly demonstrated in front of you.


1: Long strong global initiative Wide voltage Design Support 5V ~ 19V input Consider more comprehensive, to prevent operation of the power due to customer error caused by damage to the product.

2: Long strong patented 3D complementary technology, clear and vivid picture vividly demonstrated in front of you to watch the conversion monitoring security can effectively eliminate jitter and clear reproduction of fast motion smearing the screen at the same time, the red, green and blue... perfect to restore the three primary colors. so that ordinary LCD displays comparable to the LCD monitor.

3: Long-BNC to use VAG-based products Industrial design standards 25% less power than the previous generation equipment, 30% significantly less heat than the previous generation device by aging testing we found that the new generation of Long strong but also for Long uninterrupted work stable and high.

The advantage of using an alternative FLY7504 display monitor:

1: LCD monitor not only expensive, ordering difficult and less maintenance outlets, using ordinary LCD to replace professional monitors, not only the purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs are very low, and maintenance are convenient.
2: The newly installed customers need to buy separate expensive LCD monitor, but with Long strong FLY7504 family home monitor use up Long-switching technology not only saves the customer costs, and user-friendly application allows customers to easily monitor. / computer switching between .- Foreign customers especially hot.

Professional focus to concentrate on, Long strong worthy of their trust also worthy of your trust

Connection diagram

Interface Description

(1) VGA Out
Then the computer monitor
(2) Video In
Connected video source (such as DVD, video cameras)
(3) Svideo In
Then S-Video signal source
(4) VGA In
Then the host computer
(5) DC 5V
Then the power
(6) Remote
IR receiver (remote control) / Custom Development

(1) Input
Video input selection: Cycle CVBS)) S_VIDEO (C / Y))) VGA
(2) Menu
Menu Key: cycles through the Adjust menu, including: brightness, contrast, color saturation, hue
(3) Freeze / +
(4) Resolution / -
- The time when the BRI menu appears:
Press 'Freeze / +' to increase the brightness of the image, press 'Resolution / -' to reduce the brightness of the image
- When prompted adjustment CON:
Press 'Freeze / +' to increase the image contrast, press 'Resolution / -' the image contrast reduction
- When prompted COL adjustment:
Press 'Freeze / +' to increase the image color saturation, press 'Resolution / -' to reduce the saturation of the color image
- When prompted HUE adjustment:
Press 'Freeze / +' ascending the image tone, press 'Resolution / -', the tone descending

- Menu off:
Press 'Freeze / +' conduct Freeze and unfreeze operations
- Menu off:
Press the 'Resolution / -' were conducted resolution selection

- Press the 'Input Resolution / -, restore the default settings