LKV3000 (PC-TV video conversion elf)

LKV3000 (PC-TV video conversion elf)

Product description:

LKV3000 (PC-TV video conversion elf)

Video Converter elf, Long strong for home entertainment products developed IT growing, the world's first synchronized with sound PC TO TV video converter, allowing you to fully enjoy the wonderful vision computer on TV.

1: Entertainment Application
You can download the MPEG4 movie, you can combine home theater and at home, let you easily experience the cinematic
2: office applications
You may also need to demonstrate multimedia notebook document presented by the big-screen TV to your audience


PC Input:
It supports one VGA input resolution support 640x480 60/72/75 / 85Hz, 800x600 60 / 75Hz, 1024x768 60 / 75Hz, 1280X1024 60HZ.

TV output:
1 Video output port
Default support NTSC (Taiwan, the United States) General TV can automatically identify, you can modify the support, NTSC-EIAJ (Japan), PAL (Europe, China).
PAL-M (Brazil), PAL-N (Uruguay, Paraguay) and other countries TV system
1 Sideo output port.
1 Audio output port.
Left and right stereo audio output.

1: The world's first audio support PC TO TV Converter
2: smaller and only palm-sized, more suitable for portable use USB to take power, allowing you to more easily carry out lecture time.
3: Pure hardware conversion, support for all computer systems including various types of PC, MAC and other computer without drive, plug and play.

Connection diagram

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