LKV2300 VGA converter switch YPbPr, VGA to component Component

LKV2300 VGA converter switch YPbPr, VGA to component Component

Product description:


Long-LKV2300 VGA switch YPbPr video converter can convert VGA signal into a standard-definition YPbPr component signals; VGA input supports a variety of common resolutions, and can output a VGA signal and color difference signal YPbPr color difference signal output with support for all high-definition TV or other multimedia device interface. That is the box, without the need to install drivers. Small size, easy to carry.


1, one VGA input, one Audio input.
2, one VGA output, one YpbPr output, two-way Audio output.
3, DC5V / 1A external power supply.
4, VGA input supports resolutions: 640x480 @ 60 / 75Hz, 800x600 @ 60 / 75Hz, 1024x768 @ 60 / 75Hz, 1280x800 @ 60Hz, 1280x1024 @ 60Hz.
5, YPbPr output can be set to: 480p, 720p, 1080i.
6, the color difference signal converter output mode adjustable.
7, power consumption: 3W.
8, the working environment temperature: -25 ℃ to 55 ℃.
9, Volume: 12.8Cm (long) x9.4Cm (width) x3.4Cm (high).

Connection diagram

Note: Recommended use VGA input resolution 1024x768 @ 60 / 75Hz, 1280x800 @ 60Hz, YPbPr output using 720P.

Interface Description

1, YPbPr: YPbPr output interfaces;
2, L / R: left and right channel audio output;
3, Audio input: 3.5mm audio input interface;
4, Audio output: 3.5mm audio output interface;
5, LED: power indicator;
6, ON / OFF, SD / HD, MODE function keys;
7, DC / 5V: power connector;
8, VGA-IN: VGA signal input;
9, VGA-OUT: VGA signal output interface.