USB to VGA Video Converter a LKV328

USB to VGA Video Converter a LKV328

Product description:

LKV328 USB converter VGA

Long-LKV328 USB to VGA video converter, USB to VGA converter Full HD via USB2.0 high-speed interface, high performance, and many beyond the mainstream of overall performance, is the market's first compatible MAC and WINDOWS system products, and it is now the only vendor to support MAC 10.7 Snow Leopard and WINDOWS8 system USB card highest support 1600 * 1200 resolution. laying a new generation of excellent quality HD USB HD video converter will use the computer to the limit.


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USB external graphics

LKV328 will not need to disassemble the host computer can be an external graphics card, connect more monitors to display more content, compatible with all CRT and flat panel displays, and supports all the current mainstream computer operating system;

Multi-screen expansion function

For your computer or laptop to quickly add up to six display device, the picture will extend the same value to the highest of six screens, or each screen displaying different
The contents of the screen, and each screen operation with each other is not affected, it does not affect the display quality extended display.

Distributor and power to say goodbye

Long-LKV328 have the latest energy-saving technology, minimum power is only 1W, you can easily get from USB, and power and now we can say goodbye, greener, more stable LKV328

Ultra-low hardware requirements

LKV328 with a new structure above the minimum requirements CPU 1.2G, 256MB or more RAM, the mainstream computer configuration can meet your overall needs .CPU lowest occupancy rate of 10% or less.

Multi-mode output

LKV328VGA output support extend left, right, up, down. And on the output mirror or reverse image support and other special display function. (Some features require operating system support)

MAC + Windows full support

LKV328 is so far the only perfect support for Windows and Mac simultaneously mainstream operating systems USB to VGA products on the market. Virtually every operating system and the version of all the mainstream.

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LKV328 input USB specification:

  • USB 2.0

LKV328 HDM output specifications:

  • VGA input signal: 640 * 480 @ 60 up to 1920 * 1080 @ 60

Computer host configuration:

  • CPU 1.2G above, 256MB RAM or above; such as multimedia playback, recommended more than 2G CPU, 1G RAM or more

Driver Version:

  • ViewSpan version

Body size:

  • LKV328 body size: 64 x 64 x 14.2mm

  • LKV328 Weight: 0.1KG


LKV328 USB to VGA video converter, the computer's USB virtual graphics card via an external signal processing mode output VGA, allows MAC / multiple-output ordinary computer a few road to VGA, according to the computer system and configuration settings can connect up to 6 ~ 8 is widely used in the multi-screen display single-host multi-user interface, can be accessed by computer monitors LCD TV projector (only with VGA interface display screen may be)
It can be used for file editing:
- When you make a business case documents, while searching for the relevant reference network data, not because the information chaos caused by switching windows.
- And the need to use more than a second or third display device to play briefings, but no extra monitor connector.
- Across the screen to view two or more large tables (such as EXCEL chart).
- Open multiple programs simultaneously on extended desktop space, without frequent switching between windows.
- Read the e-mail and other on-screen at the same time open the attachment file.
Drawing Editor:
- When using graphics software design case, reference copy windows open simultaneously, you can extend your desktop, easy to handle large design manuscript production, and proof windows do not overlap
- Watch network TV, while browsing program introduces other channels miss the wonderful programs.
- When playing online games, you can synchronize the control game Raiders cheat.
Financial stocks:
- Operating shares, while foreign exchange, while browsing the related investment news and analysis reports, allowing you to switch back and forth without a window, a better grasp of market dynamics, insight into the initiative.
- The time of writing complex procedures, another window while viewing the program execution result screen, easy to update changes.

Connection diagram

Port schematic