MHL to HDMI converter Andrews

MHL to HDMI converter Andrews

Product description:

MHL to HDMI converter Andrews

So far most of MHL to HDMI MINI

• Mini Diamond appearance

• Colorful Andrews MHL to HDMI converter

• Pure hardware without drivers and software

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Large color bloom

LKV553 colorful colors make her a good life with your mind, you can customize a variety of colors.

Mini appearance

LKV553 diamond design concepts from idea, diamond facets fully integrated product, mold also uses diamond polishing, make the product even more crystal clear.

Pure hardware conversion technology

LKV553 pure hardware conversion technology, shall not be responsible for software and driver installation settings, connections can be used.

Long-HD conversion technology

Lifelike show on the HDMI TV using Long strong after LKV553 latest video conversion technology, MHL signal for the whole collection, so MHL conversion.

Standard HDMI specification, in line with HDCP

Long strong HDMI with HDCP, as a member of the production LKV553 comply with HDCP requirements to support compliance with the HDMI standard table Compatible with all major TV

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Enter the MHL Specification:
  • MHL version: MHL1.0 MHL2.0

  • MHL port: Micro usb port

Support phone:

Samsung: HTC: LG: Huawei: ZTE: Sony: South Korea Pantech: Meizu: Millet: Legend: Acer: OPPO: Sharp: Nokia: Sony Ericsson:

HDMI Output Specification:

  • HDMI port :

  • HDMI Resolution : 480i @ 60Hz, 480p @ 60Hz, 576i @ 50Hz, 576p @ 50Hz, 720p @ 50 / 60Hz, 1080i @ 50 / 60Hz, 1080p @ 50 / 60Hz

  • Audio output specifications:

    Audio frequency : Stereo 3.55mm

LKV551MHL turn AV Andrews converter, after the MHL signal A / D acquisition, processing performed saler output standard PAL / NTSC standard AV signal.

For automotive show:

- The car audio and video integrated MHL Android smartphone / tablet input, so your car integrated phone / tablet in, audio, navigation, games and other interesting applications.
For home entertainment:
- Your Android phone or tablet exciting content projected onto a large screen TV on the home, so that more people become enjoy your collection.

For business presentations:

- Business opportunities everywhere, when you suddenly need time to show all aspects of your product, your phone or tablet directly output to the projector, make your presentation a step faster than others.

For the education sector:
- The wonderful educational content Android phones and tablet connected via LKV551 to convert on a normal TV, so that more students can learn more exciting content together.

Game entertainment:
- The Android phone or tablet wonderful game by LKV551 MHL AV turn connected to a normal TV, allowing you to play the heroic chic envy more people.

Recording and publishing:
- The Android phone or tablet is connected to the operating switch to AV recording software and hardware capture card or editor, by LKV551 MHL, will operate easily record on your Android tablet analysis released to more fans.

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