Fire detection equipment, fire detectors, fire detection box

Fire detection equipment, fire detectors, fire detection box

Product description:

Fire detection equipment, fire detectors, fire detection box

First, the building fire detection equipment:

Fire pattern generating means (heat detector test device; heat detector test device); water spray system to test the water detection apparatus; fire hydrant system to test the water detection means; Digital Light Meter; digital anemometer; digital micro-manometer ; digital multimeter; digital sound level meter; digital ZhaoOuBiao; multifunctional engineering slope detector; verticality detector; ultrasonic flowmeter; ultrasound leak detector; magnetic thickness gauge, ultrasonic thickness gauge; combustible gas tune; detector test device; a handheld pump speed detector, a portable ultrasonic cylinder gauge, residual current tester, residual current generator, flame detector test device; filters; stopwatch; tape; 220V AC voltage regulator pressure and so on.

Second, the electrical fire detection equipment:

Infrared camera; infrared thermometer; low-voltage electrical tester; low-voltage electrical installation multifunction tester; ultrasonic detector, ultrasonic discharge detector; Insulation resistance meter; Clamp ground resistance tester; leakage clamp meter; phase detector; electroscope; hunt; a phase sequencer; line fault pursuit instrument; GFCI tester; multimeter; explosion electrostatic voltmeters.

Third, fire retardant paint fire detection equipment:

Coating thickness gauge; ultrasonic thickness; special gas guns and so on.

Fourth, the fire inspection of technical equipment and fire investigation equipment:

Rangefinders; hunt; a flammable liquid detector; combustible gas detector; combustible gas detector tube; charring depth analyzer; metal hardness testing instrument; Hammer; digital thermometer; scene investigation lights; halogen lamp; left magnetometer; metal detectors; ground resistance meter; multimeter; insulation resistance tester; electrostatic voltmeter; telescope; pencil; fire investigation toolbox; radioactivity detector; toxic gas detector; TLC analysis apparatus; fire scene evidence extraction device, a portable gas chromatograph; portable infrared spectrometer; portable microscope; stereo microscope; small X-ray detector; recording pen; masks; protective glasses; anti-static overalls.

Five fire detection box series:

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