UP9000 ultrasonic leak detector

UP9000 ultrasonic leak detector

Product description:

UP9000 Ultrasonic leak detector, ultrasonic leak detector

UP9000 can detect, store and analyze ultrasonic information, from simple to complex mechanical leak detection analysis can be applied according to the difference detection environment, it offers a variety of functional accessories tailored for specific applications. UP9000 fully comply Intrinsically Safe class I, Division I, Groups A, B, C & D plant use explosion-proof safety certification standards, and more than ASTME1002-2005 leak detection standards. Due to high performance, excellent quality, the United States government and NASA designated product.
UP9000 is a fully digital ultrasonic detection equipment, so versatile information storage and retrieval system, easy to use (most operators can skillfully use UP9000 within 15 minutes), and the operation would be so much fun, you'll look for opportunities every day use it.

UP9000 application areas:
UP9000 used in electrical power industry: Electrical partial discharge detection, arc detection, tracking detection, corona detection, partial discharge detection and location, bus PD detection, PD detection transformers, switchgear, PD detection, power distribution cabinets detection, insulators fault detection, air-cooled remote island leak detection, high-pressure gas leak detection, vacuum leak, valve leak detection, pipeline leak, air-cooling system vacuum leak, the hydrogen leak detection, detection of line connectors, condensers detection, trap detection.

UP9000 used in aerospace industry: cabin cockpit testing, leak detection, military and civilian aircraft leak detection, ailerons and tail tightness testing, spacecraft sealed probe, the orbital module detection, emergency oxygen system leaks, nitrogen system, fuel tank leak detection, fuel system leaks, the total static pressure systems, pneumatic valves, hot air duct leaks, engine control system ECS, air transport system, emergency life raft, brakes, tire pressure system, hydraulic system, aircraft door seal testing, aircraft Mongolia integrity testing skin testing, wing box testing, aircraft and helicopters, cockpit windows leak, air conditioning system leaks, lifesaving equipment, valves and gaskets detection, pneumatic system leaks and bearing inspection.

UP9000 used in shipbuilding marine industry: an integrated test watertight, water testing, hatch cover detection, air pressure system leaks, refrigeration systems leak, valves, heat exchangers, steam coolers, condensers, bearing inspection, pump, electrical switch , junction boxes, relays, steam valves, yachts detection, freezer leaks, diesel fuel injection process, container, nitrogen gas pipe leaks, compressor.

UP9000 used in vehicle transportation industry: automotive leak detection, trains seal testing, wind noise is detected, the door seal is detected, the cab wind detection, air conditioning system detects, tankers, refrigerated trucks, tankers, pneumatic brake inspection, cargo compartment, the whole vehicle detection, door testing, leak detection (QC detection), bearing inspection, electrical railway catenary inspection, bearing and lubrication monitoring, non-destructive ultrasonic sealing test.

UP9000 used in petroleum chemical industry: oil pipeline leak detection, transport containers leak detection (nitrogen, air, methane - butane), leak detection, high-pressure valve fault detection.

UP9000 used in military industrial systems: vehicle detection, ship detection, detection hovercraft, submarine detection, leak aircraft, spacecraft testing, weapon system testing, the fuel leak detection, integrity testing of nuclear facilities.

UP9000 Technical Specifications
Frequency range: 20KHz to 100KHz (continuously adjustable, each 1KHz)
Sensitivity: 50 feet (15.24m) can be detected at a diameter of 0.005 "(0.127mm), the pressure is 5psi (0.34 bar) of the leak.
Response time: (10ms
Detection Start value: 1 * 10-2 std cc / sec to 1 * 10-3std cc / sec..
Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Output: heterodyne calibration output, decibel (dB), frequency, RS232 or USB data output
Size: 15 "* 22" * 7 "(38.1 * 55.9 * 17.8cm)
Structure: handheld form, the material is polished aluminum and ABS plastic
Circuit Systems: Solid analogy with temperature compensation circuit and SMD digital electronics
Detector: selectable sound modes scan mode and stethoscope
Display: 16 * 2LCD, decibel, frequency, battery status LED backlit, 16-segment bar graph display
Memory: 400 storage locations
Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Headset: Deluxe noise attenuating headset interference is greater than 23dB, meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA standards
Weight: Host weight 0.9kg, all instruments (including me) weight 6.4kg

UP9000 Series Model: UP9000KT, UP9000SC, UP9000STG, UP9000C, UP9000S, UP9000IS, UP9000ATEX.