Handheld pump speed detector

Handheld pump speed detector

Product description:

Handheld pump speed detector

Handheld pump speed detector or said pump speed detector, fire pump speed detector, fire pumps detector, fire pump tester, handheld pump speed detector is Beijing Beverly Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. for the construction of fire facilities maintenance Maintenance work in the fire pump test to detect specifically the development of a handheld field test equipment. For today's similar product, they test applicable prevailing harsh conditions, difficult to ensure test accuracy, the system complex, cumbersome wiring, commissioning of difficult many shortcomings. handheld pump speed detector test at the scene to meet the accuracy of the premise, low price, interactive user-friendly interface, easy to operate, convenient, fast level is currently the most similar products.

Handheld pump speed detector during the fire pump testing, just the tester with the sensor (instrument standard) connection, a person a few minutes to complete the flow rate 0.001 ± 32 m / s, flow 0-999999m³ / h, pressure 0-2.0MPa (expandable) and head 0-200 meters (expandable) measurements and calculations. The instrument uses full Chinese LCD operation, comes with a rechargeable battery. instrument weighs less than 800 grams.


² 2 lines of Chinese characters with the screen display flow rate, flow, pressure, head, signal status.

² linearity better than 1%, measuring tube diameter: 15mm ~ 6000mm.

² Built-in data logger can record date, flow rate (0.001 ± 32 m / s), flow rate (0-99999m³ / h), pressure (0-2.0MPa) (expandable), lift 0-200 meters (expandable) , signal status, working hours and so on.

² small measuring tube, accuracy of ± 1%.

² Choose different types of sensors can be realized caliber DN15 ~ DN6000 flow measurement pipe.

² Battery life continuous 24 hours, DC24V DC adapter can work uninterrupted.

² volume: 160 * 160 * 40mm, weighs only 0.7kg.

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