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Half-Finger Gloves Women's Fall Winter Plush Thicken Long Fake Sleeve Arm Set Warmer Worsted Knit Wool Sleeve

Half-Finger Gloves Women
Product code: 23373200030
Unit price 3.81-4.61$
Sold quantity 78811
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Brand: Spring overflow ice source
  • size: one size
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Style: Half-finger gloves
  • Item: ST-1
  • Black 60cm Non-pointing hole Black 60cm Refers to the hole Black 40cm Non-pointing hole Black 50cm No means hole Black 50cm There is a hole in the black 40cm There is that hole Light gray (60) No means hole Light gray (60) (60) No finger hole Light gray (50) No finger hole Light gray (50) Refers to hole Dark gray (60) Refers to hole White (50) No finger hole White (50) (50) no means to refer to the dark gray (50) there is a hole in the gray (50) there is a hole in the ashes (50) no finger hole other colors (select the size below) photographed, the order written clear color, with / Hole 40cm 50cm 60cm (no message - the default black hole that is not recommended) 50, 60 cm warm and good with clothes Genuine guarantee shipping insurance
  • Texture: wool / cashmere
  • Category: Female
  • For the crowd: Couples middle-aged: 40-59-year-old youth: 20-39-year-old children and adolescents
  • According to the relationship gifts: friends