Mysterious girl | Literary cotton autumn and winter wind Korean wild solid color scarves scarf shawl long section | Female

Mysterious girl | Literary cotton autumn and winter wind Korean wild solid color scarves scarf shawl long section | Female

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2016
  • Width: 130cm
  • Are malls the same paragraph: No
  • Length: 175cm
  • Material: Other
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Season: Spring Summer Winter
  • Gender: Universal
  • Color classification: wishful heart - mustard yellow heart wishful - Black Heart wishful - gray wishful heart - deep despair smug - smug Red wine - Rose Heart wishful - Retro Orange heart wishful - retro green heart wishful - green beans wishful heart - Retro Blue Heart Ruyi - wishful red heart - dark blue wishful heart - snow teeth wishful heart - turmeric wishful heart - watermelon red wishful - deep blue and gray wishful heart - pink heart wishful - beige wishful heart - flaxen wishful heart - are discouraged wishful - taro wishful heart - sapphire blue wishful heart - grass-green wishful heart - purple
  • Scarf Brand: MAGICALGIRLS / Mysterious Girl
  • Item: Heart wishful
  • Style: Scarf / scarves
  • Function: Decorative
  • Applicable objects: Juvenile young middle-aged couple paternity students aged
  • Style: Korean
  • Clothing style details: bead
  • pattern: plain
  • Component content: 51% (inclusive) -70% (inclusive)

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Oversized scarf, very simple, very literary

Summer in air-conditioned rooms can be a shawl, Spring and winter are applicable, shall belong to the four seasons, Alone with

You can also mix and match the two colors together! Cotton quality, Good fabric, but also very easy to shape, Travel time when the big shawl,

Also very beautiful, Especially at the beach, the sea breeze blowing raised that elegant scarf, feeling peaceful nature!

Solid models has been remarkable temperament, so Temperament beauty quickly start it!

About fade: cotton textiles will be some kind of hair floating floating color, within the normal range, scarves and dark lines separate proposal cleaning and other clothing, and add some salt fixing, after washing drying opened, does not affect the wearing effect.

Note: Different batches. Slightly deeper than the picture color or light is normal, oh. Each batch of goods color will be a little different.Each color depth can not do exactly the same, but please understand!

Heart wishful series

Size of about 175*130cm (Tile measurement error into account a certain place) Weight about 150 grams

Heart wishful - yellow mustard

Can also be dynamic and elegant retro yellow, its elegance has awesome noble side, There full of positive and optimistic feeling, a lot of girls like the color, But dare to try, and a retro yellow scarf embellishment, is definitely your excellent choice.

Wishful heart - green beans

Wishful heart - Beige

Wishful heart - light gray

Wishful heart - gray

Wishful heart - flaxen

Wishful heart - apricot pink

Wishful heart - pink

Wishful heart - Retro Blue

Wishful heart - red

Wishful heart - Rose

Wishful heart - deep blue and gray

Wishful heart - dark blue

Wishful heart - Retro Green

Wishful heart - snow teeth

Wishful heart - watermelon red

Wishful heart - burgundy

Wishful heart - turmeric

Wishful heart - Retro Orange

Wishful heart - dark gray

Wishful heart - Black

Wishful heart - purple

Wishful heart - Taro

Wishful heart - Sapphire

Wishful heart - Green fruit

Wishful heart - grass green

Wishful heart - light purple