Supply Green | straw products | Houseware | Tissue Box

Supply Green | straw products | Houseware | Tissue Box

Product description:

Brand : Bai Orchard Material: Willow / straw / bamboo Applicable tissue : rolls
Applications: cars, the bathroom, the living room Model : BGY6160 Origin: Shandong Linyi
The number of cartons : 50 Trading properties : Domestic Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: Occasions for gifts : Advertising and promotion, housewarming, other Specifications : 15 * 15 * 12
Color : Red

Linyi Bai fruit grass Willow products factory

Main: willow baskets, willow baskets, fruit baskets, storage baskets, straw slippers, cushions, etc.

Product Name : Cylindrical Tissue Box

Product Specifications : 15 * 15 * 12

Model : BGY6160

Brand : Bai Orchard

Material: Zhisheng

Uses: Household items

Manufacturers capacity : Excellent

Performance and advantages: good

Packing: bags

Usage: household products, this product Zhisheng woven or other suitable places on the family living room or office desk, dress up your living space, beautify your living environment for you to have a healthy body, and more! good to learn to go into work .

Service: if found quality problems, Baotuibaohuan.