Charging fever fingers warm gloves KR9008

Charging fever fingers warm gloves KR9008

Product description:

'Kingrise'Heating Warm Gloves

Product introduction

'Kngrise'heating warm gloves consist of heating glove, lithium battery and two line output charger. The temperature can be adjusted according to different region and requirements. After connect the electricity, the gloves can supply the heat for thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger and the back of hand. It can be arbitrarily bended without any harms for heating. The product can promote the blood circulation, relieve finger stiffness, pain, numbness due to cold, which provide infinite warmness and care in winter. Usually using heating gloves can supplement the hands energy, accelerating the blood circulation, prevent chilblain in cold season.

Product feature

1. keep warm: heating through lithium battery and carbon fiber heating fuse for long time. And the heating area directly acts on the back which is the most concentrated part in the human body, so the make the body feel warm in the cold winter;

2. release far infrared ray: far infrared wavelength of product is 5~15um, similar to the body's own emission wavelength, so it is easy to be absorbed by the body, and the form a internal heat effect', activating the human body, improving body microcirculation, promoting human metabolism, regulating the menstrual function;

3. Two adjustable temperature: LED indicator light, helpful to select suitable temperature, green for constant temperature and red for high temperature. The battery will be automatically closed within 3 second when battery is not be connected with heating element;

4. DC low voltage design: not product harmful electromagnetic waves (1/1600 ofEuropean standard) , and absolutely safe and reliable for consumers;

5. Using dismountable battery: mounting battery when need heating, or remove the battery when need not battery.

Product specification

description: heating warm gloves

type : KR9008 (black)

size : M, L, XL

maintenance : charging every 2-3 month when not use

battery pack specification : 3.7V 2200mAh

charging time : about5.5-7h

heating time : 4-7hours or so (according to different temperature)

heating temperature : 40 ℃- 65 ℃ (according to different level)