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Wig long hair fluffy hair with long hair

Wig long hair fluffy hair with long hair
Product code: 23350900030
Unit price 14.1-15.7$
Sold quantity 5059
Available stock 17927

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Fshow / hair of the show M733
  • Brand: Fshow / show of the show
  • Wig single product: M733
  • Color classification: deep chestnut five sets of natural black five-piece set of light brown five-piece light brown 'hair mesh card comb care solution' natural black 'hair net clip' deep maroon 'hair mesh clip' natural black 'hair card card comb care Liquid 'light brown' hairline card 'deep maroon' hair mesh card comb care solution '
  • Applicable to: fashion female
  • Hair material: high temperature silk
  • Wigs banghai classification: oblique bangs
  • Fake Hair: Long curly hair
  • Style: sweet and cute
  • Efficacy: wig
  • Cosmetic features: high temperature wire wig

Hair show wig

Light brown model real shot