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Sweet | wigs | long rolls fluffy Qi Liu | long hair hair pear head | WIG girls hair simulation hair

Sweet | wigs | long rolls fluffy Qi Liu | long hair hair pear head | WIG girls hair simulation hair
Product code: 23350500030
Unit price 12.48-14.24$
Sold quantity 13218
Available stock 449341

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: You Qi hair sets of 9665Q
  • Brand: excellent odd
  • Wigs single product: hair sets 9665Q
  • 'Dark brown' send the network Qi Liu - 'light brown' send network Qi Liu - 'natural black' + hair net and hair comb Qi Liu - dark brown - 'dark brown' + Hair net comb Qi Liu - light brown + hair comb comb Liu - natural black + nursing five-piece Qi Liu - dark brown + care five sets of 'light brown' five-piece -
  • Suitable for: fashion women
  • Hair material: high temperature wire
  • Wig Liu Category: Qi Liu
  • Wig Hair: long curls
  • Style: sweet and lovely

Delivery time : Five o'clock in the day after the order issued the day after the order issued the next day Yo!

Ps: default In-pass tact , Need to specify the courier remember to take notes Oh.

Want to SF, Post can also contact customer service make up the difference.

Hot sale in 2016 new sweet long curls ~ I believe your first vision!

Pro, and then hesitate is not the price of the oh ~

Colour: Natural Black Light Brown Dark Brown

Style: Fashion sweet long curly hair weight: 285G or so

Material: Imports of high-temperature wire matt Intranet: Comfortable breathable network

Novice is recommended to buy Luxury care Wu Jiantao Oh! Will let you take care of a lot of easy wig!

Please do not take some cottage of inferior goods to compare with us!

We sell more than high-quality goods, more perfect after-sales service

In-kind shooting Pirates of the map must study-------

Excellent odd home wig greatest feature Not reflective does not shine very breathable

Even in the hot summer there is no sense of sultry oh

Using imported hair, supple smooth, we can according to their own needs pruning oh ~ ~

You want to tie braids on braids, you want to make cauda equina on the cauda equina

truly A wig to wear the effect of the top ten oh! !

On the white hair and syrup flavor: In order to health will use syrup disinfection may be White hair, syrup flavor

Pull out like a white hair Oh, syrup distributed two days can be, mind the pro-Shen Oh ~ ~ ~

Special Note: There are two colors in the network Oh, in order to ensure more realistic. Natural black and dark brown network are black Oh!

Light brown and linen yellow is used in pink! (Sometimes also for the pro-Oh, then there are doubts, then you can ask the customer service it.)

Excellent odd home of these small details are to make FF look more real design Oh ~ ~

Please do not feel so by the baby and the description does not look like Oh!

Here we use wig and the general network within the wig to do something about the comparison!

Wigs can be linked through the back of the head to adjust the size of the free! So they can wear the MM Oh, do not worry about the size of the inappropriate ~ Here is the use of hanging buckle!

Disclaimer: We all sales description screenshots and all kinds of price display screenshots are collected in the data Rubik's cube 2014. 2.4 to 2016.1 days of data.There are real data support.