Single-layer Storage Tank

Single-layer Storage Tank

Product description:

Product Description

The series of storage tanks are designed , made and acceptance in accordance with steel made pressure.

1. The interface adopts internally general- use installation quick type, The internal bladder adopts imported 304 or 316L, the internal surface mirror polishing Ra≤0.28μm, the external surface adopts mirror, spray sand or cool primitive colors dark light.
2. Nozzle: liquid level (capacitance type, non-contact supersonic wave type, static pressure tranmission type or glass tube type) ,air spiracle,thermometer (digital indication type or dial plate type) ,ClP cleaning mouth, view lamp, SIP sterilization mouth, and several liquid inlets and outlets and manholes etc.

3. Volume: 600-30000L, and may desige and make according to the requirement of customers