Tube Filter

Tube Filter

Product description:

Product Description

Surfaces are polished to 0.4 um Ra for fast and easy surface. Cleaning, which minimizes therisk of contamination. improves clean and enhances corrosion resistance. The filter insert could be filter mesh or slotted tube , it's according to customer's requirement

Jhenten's tube filter connection can be accordance with customer's site tube type and dimension.

Such tube filter is easy to operate and maintenance with low cost.

Operating Parameters

Mas Operate pressure: 1.0 MPa

Mas Operate temperature: 110oC

Pressure tolerance on weld: 0.85

Corrosion by acid: 0 mm


  • Food &Beverage, milk's first step filter
  • Pharmaceutical s production area
  • Biotechnology's producing area pipes
  • Medical & Medical Device
  • Filter particle of liquid in pipes
  • Protect pump's operation