Single sanitary filter

Single sanitary filter

Product description:

I. Introduction

Single -stage filter by the health folding microporous membrane filter and stainless steel (SUS304 or SUS316L) composed of an outer tube, built a filter, you can choose the length of the filter according to the requirements of customer traffic. Filter cylinder by quick opening clamp connections, handling the filter, the filter is easy to clean inner surface of the filter were done in mirror-polished (roughness Ra≤0.2um) or electrolytic polishing, no health corners, in line with 'GMP' specifications.

Second, the technical parameters

Filter Design pressure : ≦ 1.0MPa;

Working temperature : 5 ~ 110 ℃.

Temperature Filter Length : 10 ', 20 ', 30 ', 40 '

Filter jack form : 226222, DOE
Filtration accuracy : ~ 60μm

( Cartridge filter technology with reference to the selection of performance parameters )
Filters outer surface treatment : mirror-polished, matte, electrolytic polishing

Third, the application areas

Chemical Industry

The field of medicine

Food and beverage sector

Water treatment