Side Entry Bag Filter

Side Entry Bag Filter

Product description:

Side Entry Bag Filter

Jhenten's Liquid Bag Filter effectively removes dirt, pipe scale, and other contaminants from process liquids such as water, beverage, chemical and petroleum products. Bag filter can be used with the standard #1, #2, @3, #4 size bags or the standard perforated basket as a strainer. Mesh lined baskets are also available as an optional feature. Effective filtering area is rather big, achieving more efficient filtering result. It is more convenient and swift to change the filter bag, thu to lower operating cost; The adjustable height makes the filter applicable to different occasions..

Operating Parameters

Max Operate pressure: 1.0 (MPa)

Max Operate temperature: 110oC

Pressure tolerance on weld : 0.85

Corrosion by acid: 0


Juices , beer

Food &Beverage

Process Water

Pharmaceutical Liquids

Biotechnology &


Medical &Medical Device

Chemical And Painting Industrial Filtration