Top Entry Bag Filter

Top Entry Bag Filter

Product description:


Liquid BagFilter effectively removes dirt, pipe scale, and other contaminants from process liquids such as water, beverage, chemical and petroleum products. Bag filter can be used with the standard #1, #2, @3, #4 size bags or the standard perforated basket as a strainer. Mesh lined baskets are also available as an optional feature effective filtering area is rather big, achieving more efficient filtering result; It is more convenient and swift to change the filter bag, thu to lower operating cost; The adjustable height makes the filter applicable to different occasions.

Operating Parameters

Mas Operate pressure: 1.0 MPa

Mas Operate temperature: 110oC

Pressure tolerance on weld: 0.85

Corrosion by acid: 0 mm


  • Wine
  • Juices
  • Food &Beverage
  • Process Water
  • Pharmaceutical Liquids
  • Biotechnology & Laboratory
  • Medical &Medical Device
  • Chemical And Painting Industrial Filtration