Lowest 3.7V 302430 lithium polymer battery manufacturers

Lowest 3.7V 302430 lithium polymer battery manufacturers

Product description:

Brand: Hengtong model: 302430
Rated Capacity: 160 mah Standard voltage: 3.7 V
Charging current: / A Dimensions: 0.3x24x30 mm
Application type: Walkman, laptop, PDA certified product: ROHS
Applicable Model: Medical Equipment

Lowest 3.7V 302430 lithium polymer battery

• Battery Specifications

Model: WL302430

Type: Lithium Polymer battery

Nominal Capacity: 160mAH

Nominal voltage: 3.7V

Internal resistance: 200mΩ ↓

Size: 3.0 * 24 * 30mm

Manufacturer: Hengtong

Charge limit voltage: 4.25 ± 0.05V

Off operating voltage: 2.75V

Standard charging current: 55mA (0.5C)

Maximum charge current: 160mA (1C)

Standard discharge current: 22mA (0.2C)

Maximum continuous discharge current: 220mA (2C)

Discharge environment: -20 ℃ to 60 ℃

Charging environment: 0 ℃ to 45 ℃

Storage environment: -20 ℃ to 45 ℃

Cycle life: 500 times (0.5C discharge, 0.5C charge, 23 ℃)

Specifications can be customized, thin light-weight, high energy density, high safety, environmental protection and longer life.

Lowest 3.7V 302430 lithium polymer battery features:
1, high energy density
Weight lithium-ion battery is the same half-capacity nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen batteries, nickel-cadmium volume is 40-50%, and 20-30% nickel hydrogen.
2, High Voltage
A working voltage of the lithium-ion battery cell is 3.7V (mean value), the equivalent of three series of nickel-cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries.
3, good safety performance
Packaging of plastic packaging, unlike liquid lithium metal case. As a result of flexible packaging technology, internal quality problems can be immediately displayed by the packaging deformation, once safety problems, will not explode but only expansion.
4, long cycle life
Under normal conditions, the lithium-ion battery charge and discharge cycle can be more than 500 times.
5, pollution
Lithium-ion batteries do not contain harmful metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury and the like.
6, does not contain lithium
Lithium-ion batteries contain lithium, thus not subject to restrictions on the Prohibition of the transport aircraft airliner carrying lithium batteries and other provisions.
7, no memory effect
Memory effect refers to nickel-cadmium batteries in the charge-discharge cycle, the battery capacity decrease. Lithium-ion batteries there is no such effect.
8, fast charge
A rated voltage of 4.2V constant voltage charger can make lithium-ion batteries are fully charged within one to two hours.

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