MP5 Tablet PC LP325085 digital battery 3.7V polymer battery

MP5 Tablet PC LP325085 digital battery 3.7V polymer battery

Product description:

Brand: Hengtong model: 325085
Rated Capacity: 1500 mah Standard voltage: 3.7 V
Charging current: / A Dimensions: 3.2x50x85 mm
Application type: Walkman, laptop, PDA certified product: ROHS
Applicable Model: Medical Equipment

Huizhou Hengtong Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a set of battery research, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, mainly the production of the required defense nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries and battery pack main products include: polymer battery, environmental protection nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium, lithium ion rechargeable battery and AA, AAA and other environmentally friendly disposable batteries.

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MP5 Tablet PC LP325085 Digital Battery matter

- Do not throw batteries into water or get it wet;
- Do not heat source (like fire or heater) used or stored near the battery;
- Please use the original charger;
- Do not reverse the positive and negative;
- Do not connect the battery directly to a wall outlet or car cigarette lighter socket;
- Do not put batteries in fire or heat the battery;
- Prohibit the use of lead or other metal objects to the battery positive and negative short-circuit, prohibit the battery with necklaces, hairpins, or other metal objects together with the transport or storage;
- Do not strike, throw or subject the battery to mechanical vibration;
- Prohibit the use of nails or other sharp objects piercing the battery case, the battery is prohibited hammering or foot;
- Do not directly solder the battery terminals;
- Do not in any way disassemble the battery;
- Prohibited under fire or extreme heat conditions to charge the battery;
- Prohibit the battery into a microwave oven or pressure vessel;
- Prohibit and primary batteries (such as batteries) or different capacity, type, variety battery combination;
* If the battery gives off an odor, heat, deformation, discoloration or may not be used for any other anomalies appear; if the battery is being used or charged, should be removed immediately and stop using the appliances or charger;
* If the battery leaks or emits an odor, you should immediately remove it from near open flames;
Electrolyte leakage may cause fire or explosion;
* If the battery leaks electrolyte gets into your eyes, do not rub, rinse with water, seek medical attention immediately if not in time, the eyes will hurt.;
* If the battery leaks and the electrolyte get on skin or clothing, wash immediately with flowing water in the affected area, or it may cause skin irritation.
* If the device is not long, remove the battery and place it in a cool, dry place, otherwise, the battery may rust or performance deterioration.
* If the battery terminals become dirty, wipe clean with a dry cloth before use. Otherwise, the battery will be poor contact, causing energy loss, or not charge.

MP5 Tablet PC LP325085 Digital Batteries

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