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Stainless steel riveted screw (FHS)

Stainless steel riveted screw (FHS)
  • Stainless steel riveted screw (FHS)
  • Stainless steel riveted screw (FHS)
Product code: 23340100001
Unit price: 0.15-0.19 CNY
Reference price: 0.03-0.03 USD
Minimum order: 5000
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(product description)
Riveted screw is used in the sheet metal using a fastener products.
Riveted screw from the United States PEM / TEXRON and other companies specializing in the telecommunications industry, sheet metal industry, electronic appliances and other products produced by dedicated pieces of hardware production, the current domestic production of PEM pressure riveting screws are reference standards.
Riveted screw the material is generally made of carbon steel and SUS304 or stainless steel, carbon steel materials, riveted screw after production needs heat treatment and galvanizing.
In the course need to open a small hole on the substrate, the riveted screw into the hole, using a uniform level pressure in the head parallel riveting equipment, because riveted teeth embossed under the screw head, When pushed, the matrix around the riveted screw deformation, and occlusal tooth pattern phenomenon occurs, thereby forming a solid external threads.

(Product Features)
• Back plates remain completely embedded flat;
• high resistance to torque resistance;
• Easy equipment, simply riveted;
• specifications series, can meet a variety of design requirements.

(product material)
• Carbon steel • Stainless steel

(Technical Parameters)

Metric riveted screw Technical Data Sheet

Thread Size
Thread Size
* Pitch
Material Type

Minimum sheet thickness

Head Trail

Sheet Hole Size
Hole Size

Steel Stainless Steel
M2.5*0.45 FH FHS6810121518////1.00.644.11.952.5
M3*0.5 FH FHS68101215182025//1.00.644.62.13.0
M4*0.7 FH FHS6810121518202530/1.00.645.92.44.0
M5*0.8 FH FHS/810121518202530351.00.646.52.75.0
M6*1.0 FH FHS//10121518202530351.60.648.236.0
M8*1.25 FH FHS///121518202530352.
M10*1.5 FH FHS////1518202530353.