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Blind hole clinching stud

Blind hole clinching stud
  • Blind hole clinching stud
  • Blind hole clinching stud
  • Blind hole clinching stud
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Pressure riveting nut column, also known as Clinching stud Or standoffs, is a fastener used in sheet metal, sheet metal, chassis, rack, rivet nut column its hexagonal shape at one end and the other end is cylindrical, hexagonal edge and a cylindrical middle Undercut , the inner shape of the internal thread, through the press head pressed into the hex hole sheet preset (preset hole diameter is generally slightly larger than the outer diameter of the cylindrical stud riveted) the peripheral holes plastically deformable portion is extruded rivet nut column retraction groove, so pressure riveting nut column clench on the sheet to form the sheet at the effective fixed internal thread. rivet nut column into the material and internal thread form cutting steel rivet nut through-hole SO-type column, stainless steel rivet nut through-hole column SOS type, fast cutting steel blind rivet nuts and stainless steel column BSO blind rivet nut column BSOS type of four, were used in different The use of the environment.

Pressure riveting nut column advantages:

SO (SOS) from the rivet through-hole standoffs formula, widely used in sheet metal, control box and power mosaics wall cabinets and other products of its unique structure, assembly, simply standoffs into the metal plate hole to 'riveted' work to achieve, has the following advantages: 1, to achieve a distance the length of the guarantee, which greatly simplifies the assembly process, and accelerate the assembled spacing panels and accessories production schedule;; 2, holding the back plate completely embedded flat, while ensuring the standoffs of the head and smooth flat plate; 3, cutting raw materials used in cutting iron or stainless steel;

Pressure riveting nut column Applications Guide:

1, choose nuts column, it must be used according to the thickness of the plate, does size range, low-carbon steel plate hardness must be less than 70RB, stainless steel plate hardness must be less than 80RB. 2, cutting iron surface treatment, stainless steel holding primaries, the user can Model specifications required by the table orders, can also be customized according to particular needs. 3, plate hole size must be according to the size of 0- + 0.075mm tolerance machining, punching proposal. 4, the installation must be 'riveted' work to achieve, cut can not impact typing. 5, when the material is made of stainless steel, the tail number with 'S' indicate. 6, standoffs ruled tooth end face with 'C' indicates. 7, the through-hole standoffs are all full length of 10mm or less wire In more than 10mm can hexagonal end face side (Ⅰ type) or round end surface aspect reaming (Ⅱ type)