Pneumatic nail pull | riveters

Pneumatic nail pull | riveters

Product description:

Pneumatic nail pull a brief introduction:

• Pull the nail gun is a high efficiency of mechanized hand tools

• The main use of high-quality synthetic materials, light weight, easy to operate features.

• no vibration technology, the operation feel comfortable, try to extend life.

• By spring loop and air circuit, rapid return oil designed to improve work efficiency.

• muffler design, noise during operation and comply with environmental requirements.

• The vacuum switching regulator, the effective use of compressed air, in order to achieve automatic suction nails functions

Pneumatic nail pull Scope:

• air-conditioner industry, luggage manufacturing, aluminum installation industry, steel doors and windows and cars running water

Line assembly.
Pneumatic nail pull, replace the guide mouth Korah 2.4 3.2 4.0 4.8. 6.4mm different specifications of the rivet

Pneumatic nail pull Instructions:

• 1, best to use national standard screws, the working efficiency will be higher.

• 2, pull nail prolonged use, the catheter will gather a lot of metal debris is not cleared up, will affect the nail back.

• 3, after prolonged use, the hydraulic oil will naturally reduce tension will drop, need to add hydraulic oil.

• 4, air pressure 6-8kg.