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Double skill manually pull nail | nail pull

Double skill manually pull nail | nail pull
  • Double skill manually pull nail | nail pull
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Double skill nail pull, manually pull nail, pull nail, nail pull Guangdong
Applicable specifications: different lengths of aluminum, iron, stainless steel, copper and other materials of blind rivets.
Uses and characteristics:
Double the manual Riveter is manually driven, via a lever (lever) by force), so that the core reciprocating gun rivet tool with shaft rivets can be widely used in various vehicles, vessels, aircraft, electronics industry, construction and machinery manufacturing, equipment maintenance and other rugged areas. The tool requires no external energy, simple operation, riveting fast, beautiful and riveting member firm. member is not restricted by the closure difficult riveting, riveting it is the ideal tool.
Structural principle: manual shaft rivet guns, mainly by moving guide bar mechanism and working bodies composed of a head, the movement guide bar mechanism: the two sheets together core rod by rod driven slide reciprocated 2, the head job. Agency: the relatively sharp jaw structure, tip, clamping sleeve and jaws reset springs jaws upward movement when the slide core automatic clamping and riveting, jaws loosen downward movement, take off. mandrel, to prepare for the next one riveting