JK surprising plot Capacitor dedicated static switch

JK surprising plot Capacitor dedicated static switch

Product description:

First, the product description

1. JK3PSZT series static switch is crystal module products, are the basis for the construction of a static capacitor bank module, to achieve power factor correction purposes. These capacitors use thyristors instead of the traditional contact to connect to each big bank of capacitors and they are ideal for facility where the leakage current damage fast and large fluctuations (load variation interval from instant to 8 seconds or 10 seconds).

2. JK3PSZT series of static switch units are designed to connect and disconnect capacitor in milliseconds.
They can be used to build various steps in the capacitor, or for individual load compensation, must get immediate compensation due to the connection or disconnection of defects, such as: welding equipment, cranes, lifts

3. Automatic capacitor banks static system tray -JK3PSZT series capacitor banks static system, the grid pulsating load power factor correction number and design. Power changes in relatively fast (in milliseconds), the perfect investment for switching operation or segment open, so transparent thyristor control over, and then connected to a voltage control circuit board, in order to connect and disconnect the capacitor voltage difference zero action.
Prevention of transient current connection and disconnection between the steps, get a load fluctuation immediate response.

Features and Benefits The capacitor bank static system, function or advantages of this compensation system, as follows:
(1) respond immediately to the request for compensation.
(2) power factor correction response time, the network may be a single clock cycle, almost instantaneous way to achieve this compensation.
(3) Elimination of start link capacitors generated transients.
(4) occurs when the capacitor voltage network convergence match, when partially or fully loaded, as seen in Fig. 1.

Second, the functional description

1. With each phase RST fuse breaker indicators and provide abnormal output contacts, do system emergency control purposes.

2. JK3PSZT series of static switch units, connect and disconnect capacitor in milliseconds.

Third, specifications

1. Mains voltage: AC 208-240V / 380-480V / 500-600V ± 10%

2. Auxiliary voltage: AC 220V ± 15% 50 / 60Hz

3. Current Rating: 35A 50A 60A 80A 100A 125A 160A 180A 225A 250A 300A 350A 400A

4. Operating frequency: 47-63Hz

5. Output: Zero output

6. Enter the control signal: 1, AC voltage control (220VAC ± 15%) .2, DC voltage control (12-24VDC) .3, contact control.

7. Output voltage range: 0-100%

8. Use of the environment: -10 degrees -50 degrees and humidity 90% RH or less

9. Insulation resistance: 20 MΩ or more (between power supply and housing), 20 MΩ or more (between the input signal and the shell)

10. Compressive strength: between power supply and case 2500VAC / 1 minutes, the power of the input signal 1000VAC / 1 分钟