JK surprising plot inductive load SCR power regulator (for transformers with non-resistive load)

JK surprising plot inductive load SCR power regulator (for transformers with non-resistive load)

Product description:

First, the product description:

1. The controller of the protection device: 1. Less power source disconnection detecting phase 2. Fuse 3. The controller heatsink over-temperature protection 4. Abnormal output contacts provide remote monitoring use, contact capacity 240VAC... / 5A.

2. The controller has a CE safety certification of international standards.

3. With each phase RST indicator fuse breaker, and provide an abnormal output contacts, do system emergency control purposes.

4. The cooling fan operation has a temperature control, work stops when the 45 degrees heat sink temperature of 55 degrees, the fan can be increased 2-3 times lifetime.

5. applicable to load:. IR lamp, quartz lamp, molybdenum disilicide heater use shoe-making machinery, plastic blowing machinery, plastic extrusion machinery, vacuum deposition, vacuum sputtering machine, heat treatment furnace, electric furnaces, electric boilers, wire machinery, Artex machinery, textile machinery, temperature and humidity systems.

Second, the functional description

Replace the traditional electromagnetic switch, instant warm up, so that the temperature difference to a minimum, will not produce sparks and arc.

Third, the specification

1. Mains voltage: AC 220V 380-480V ± 10%

2. Auxiliary voltage: AC 220V ± 15% 50 / 60Hz

3. Current Rating: 25A 35A 50A 60A 80A 100A 125A 160A 180A 200A 225A 250A 300A 350A 400A 600A 750A

4. Operating frequency: 47-63Hz

5. Output: phase control output

6. phase input control signal: 4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, 2-10V.

7. The output voltage range: 0-100%

8. Working environment: -10 degrees -50 degrees and humidity 90% RH or less

9. Insulation resistance: 20 MΩ or more (between power supply and enclosure), 20 MΩ or more (between the input signal and the shell)

10. Compressive strength: between the power supply and the housing 2500VAC / 1 minutes, the power of the input signal 1000VAC / 1 分钟