JK surprising plot disconnection detecting device

JK surprising plot disconnection detecting device

Product description:

I. Description

Disconnection detecting device provides full-time to check whether the load is disconnected, leaving the device in the best condition, because the device does not have a lot of work status Chaxiu line and time-consuming to produce finished lower yields, provides 12 segments and a load check exception notification contacts allow for customer installation buzz or warning light, once the load is disconnected immediately notify the operator, eliminating the need for time Chaxiu line, 12 LED indicator lights are LED replacement in accordance with the load. applicable in a three-phase SCR power regulator, SSR-phase solid state relays, single-phase SCR power regulator, single-phase load detecting SSR solid state relay.

II. Function Description

A 12-segment LED inspection 1. boot, when 12 LED marquees way through brighter once, showing 12 LED are trouble-free, stand-normal.

2. Provide load break detecting section 12, paragraph 1-12 Jieke free to choose and mix, such as selection or paragraph 6 2 load detecting section, the part not used, turn off the DIP switch will not start Unit known function provides multi-segment DIP switch Startup and Shutdown break detecting function, more in line with the different environments.

3. The external LED indicator, by connecting cable can be extended 1-2m, synchronization control 12 LED indicator function board can be connected via a cable to the device obvious places, such as operating the control box surface, equipment panel, so that workers can immediately grasp the device status.

The machine offers two choices; detecting SCR power regulator, detecting SSR solid state relays.

5. The ratio of the flow through the CT to confirm each other with the thermometer, to determine whether the load is disconnected.

III. Specifications

1, the auxiliary voltage: AC 220V ± 15% 50 / 60Hz

2, the operating frequency: 50-60Hz ± 5%

3, machine options: detecting SCR power regulator, detecting SSR solid state relay (please order at the same time inform the business).

4, the use of the environment: -10 degrees -50 degrees and humidity 90% RH or less

5, with the thermometer received signal: 4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V

6, with SSR thermometer: NO-OFF