JK Special Slow start controller product Qi Mada

JK Special Slow start controller product Qi Mada

Product description:

First, the product description

1. Slow start time, stop time and the start torque can be adjusted so that the smooth start smoothly.

2. The built-in three kinds of startup modes: slope start, constant current start, constant current plus kick start automatically.

3. Use silicon controlled rectifier control: no contact, no arc, no light side wear, equivalent semi-permanent life.

4. Simple wiring: three-three means cost saving tedious manual wiring.

5. Slow start controller microprocessor type and severity of the load with automatic proofreading function and torque control.

6. The operation of the cooling fan has a temperature control, work when the heat sink temperature of 55 degrees, 45 degrees when stopped, can increase fan life 2-3 times.

7. The electronic controller includes CT detecting protection: overload, power source due to phase protection, Ma Daka died protection, over-temperature protection controller, motor low load (water) protection, ultra-sensitive sensors degrees and no heat accumulation effect, the ambient temperature is not affected.

8. The controller provides three sets of output contacts: output contact when having started operation after the completion of outputs, system abnormal output contacts.

9. The pump motor controller provides dedicated slow stop function, eliminate water hammer in order to achieve optimal function.

Second, the general description Series

Protection: 1. Motor overload due to phase 2. 3. 4. Ma Daka dead body 5. The motor over-temperature and low load (dry notification)

Start mode: 1. Start 2. slope 3. The constant current constant current start plus kick start moving

Third, the high-function Series Description

Protection: 1. Motor overload due to phase 2. 3. 4. Ma Daka died brake fluid motor overtemperature 5. low carrier (water notice) 6. Phase sequence protection (reverse protection) 7. The three-phase current unbalance 8 . thyristor short circuit detecting open load 9. 10. 11. no boot failure detection voltage source

Start mode: 1. Start 2. slope constant current start kicking 3. 4. start 5. Start full voltage starting torque

Function Setting: 1. overload curve can choose 2. There are four time can be selected for 0.5 seconds or two seconds 3. Ma Daka dead time can be selected for 2 seconds or 4 seconds 4. Manual or automatic

Fourth, Function

Slow start pump motor controller for use in a motor pump, hydraulic motor, pumping stations, water equipment, to slow start and slow stop, so that the pump Mada Yang water system can eliminate water hammer, do not let the line noise , affecting the quality of living.

V. Specifications

1, the main power supply voltage: AC 208/220/380/440/480 VAC ± 10%

2, auxiliary voltage: AC 220V ± 15% 50 / 60Hz

3. Start: dry contact

4, Rated current: 7A-1100A

5 horsepower: 3HP-350HP, 500A-1100A

6, the operating frequency: 50-60Hz ± 5%

7, the peak value of the voltage: 600V or 1200V-1600V

8, the start-up time: 1-40 sec.

9, the start torque: 100% -500%

10. Stop time: 1-60 sec.

11, use of the environment: -10 degrees -50 degrees and humidity 90% RH or less

12. Insulation resistance: 20 MΩ or more (between power supply and enclosure), 20 MΩ or more (between the input signal and the shell)

13, compressive strength: between the power supply and the housing 2500VAC / 1 minutes, the power of the input signal 1000VAC / 1 分钟

14. The buffer start appliance CE, IEC60947-4-2 certified the norm.